ever's birthday part 2...cake, balloons, presents

ever started her day with the gift from us in the picture below.  
she thought cruising around with this wooden push toy was amazing and then discovering that it had a built in xylophone and other noise makers made it even better.  as you can see she wasn't so impressed with her hair clip.  she sees the clips and says pretty but as soon as i put them in her hair lately she rips them out.  oh well.
part one of ever's birthday is here.  

i made cupcakes and if you scroll down you'll see her reaction to the treat.
my mom and kit came over to wish ever a happy birthday and since my mom was sick on easter and not able to come over then she brought ever an easter basket along with her birthday gifts.  
ever was impressed.

i think she wondered why she was getting all sorts of gifts and totally in the spotlight but she didn't complain.  she soaked it all in happily.
she was quite pleased with her colorful balloons and when she saw the birthday banner that i made she smiled so big and said pretty.  
everything is either pretty, a kitty, or worthy of a kiss these days in ever's world.
then she had her first taste of cake and she went bonkers devouring that sugary goodness.  

she was confused for about a second and looked at the cupcake in a very suspicious way but that ended quickly and soon she was covered in cake and frosting.

she couldn't be bothered with a family picture when cake was involved.  look at that expression of pure joy.

frosting mustache

if you think this is a lot of pictures you should see just how many didn't make the cut.  the amount of pictures i took was obscene.  

after the cake we went outside for push toy time, blowing bubbles, and exploring.

cutest tutu butt.

then back inside to open cards and read all the books yaya got.  i went crazy when i saw these babylit books based on old classics.  the illustrations are adorable and the books teach either counting, colors, weather etc.  since ever is a book lover i told my mom that these would be perfect for her and my mom got her four of the books.

she completely enjoyed them as we knew she would.  kit made ever some cloud shelves for her room.  months ago i found some on etsy i really liked but i didn't end up buying them.  my mom showed kit the shelves and he made two similar to the picture i had given her and then he made one that allows for hanging items in her room.  once they are up i'll take pictures to show you just how cute they are.

there are so many things i could say about ever but it would turn into a novel and i reserve the novel writing for her baby book or journal.  i am obsessed with documenting every bit of her life.  each milestone or funny moment is written down in one of her many books and i know those written words are priceless treasures.  i even enjoy looking back to when she was a few months old now so i can only imagine how much more i'll enjoy reading things when we celebrate her 5th birthday or 18th.  i know i might be getting ahead of myself but lets be honest...time flies...especially when you are enjoying it with this little piece of heaven we call ever.

oh and by the way...walking seemed to be another gift she got right in time for her birthday.  easter night she took a bunch of steps on her own just out of the blue.  leading up to that she had taken two or three steps on her own then suddenly she took off.  time to baby proof even more.

look back at ever's life....

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  1. Those books you found are just too cute!! And I love Ever's outfit! Can't wait to see the shelves Kit made. Happy 1st birthday Ever!! :)


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