the hummingbird moment

 last week when we put boz in his final resting place under a giant pine tree next to brulé many tears were shed.  as we sadly said goodbye to that bossy boy who we love, a beautiful thing happened.  a hummingbird buzzed past all our heads and flew away.  it brought me such a peaceful happy feeling.  it was as if that hummingbird was a sign to us that boz was free and happy....not that i doubted he was...but still it was a beautiful thing.  after that happened i suddenly remembered that we had seen a hummingbird when we buried brulé back in february.  brulé's death was so sudden and unexpected and since she was technically my dog (although living at my mom's house) it was extremely painful to let her go.  i was so grief stricken i didn't even pay attention to the hummingbird moment with her.  instantly i felt inspired to paint something involving hummingbirds.  i worked on this off and on over the last couple days and right before i added the finishing touches i decided to add....let me show you the way.  another thing that brought me peace when saying goodbye to boz is the thought that he would be reunited with brulé.  she paved the way for her fur family and i couldn't help but think what a sweet reunion it would be as brulé guided boz down his new path.  she may have been his baby but she was the smartest and wisest animal i've ever known.  it seemed only fitting that she would show him the way.  

brulé and boz together again.



portrait a week...30/52
taking her first real ride in papa's fiat and thrilled that i let her play with my chapstick.....really i should say eat my chapstick.  luckily it is made from coconut oil and 100% natural because she kept digging her fingers deep in the tube and licking them, then she would say "mmmmm yummy taste!"  she had the biggest fit when i finally took it away from her.

over the weekend i decided ever doesn't really seem like a baby at all anymore, but rather a miniature adult.  i think the fact that she is talking all the time and growing rapidly makes her seem less like a baby.  but what makes it most obvious is the way she interacts with us and certain mannerisms.  there are moments that i miss the baby version of her but she is so hilarious and cute in this current stage.  she is the most fun little sidekick.

oh and a little side note....
4 years ago today will asked me to marry him.
i am really happy he did.  
this picture was taken around that time.



portrait a week 29/52
this little lady has been battling allergies/maybe a cold the past few days but that isn't going to stop her from looking adorable and being funny.  immediately after i took this picture ever yanked out her mermaid hair clip, and she said pretty then kissed it and held it up to my mouth and instructed me to kiss it.   
we had a sad day this week because boz was relocated to heaven on wednesday.  ever had really bonded with boz lately and she was very sad to see him go.  more on that another day.  i still have yet to write a proper post about brulé....but i think the recent events will push me to make that happen.  i find it comforting to think about brulé and boz being reunited although i desperately wish they could have stayed alive the rest of my life.


vogue and dark chocolate

a little while ago ever brought me my sunglasses and a scarf so i would put them on her.  i tied the scarf around her head and added the glasses.  in this particular shot she was engrossed in ratatouille (her favorite movie these days, a favorite of mine too) and looking rather vogue.  i can't get over the hilarious things she does.  
a couple days ago (like most days) i was nibbling on some dark chocolate.  during the day i had enjoyed 3 bites of this really dark chocolate and each time ever wasn't near me when i took a bite but as i got close to her she knew i had something amazing because she could smell it.  she looked at me and stuck her tongue out (for months now when i'm chewing gum or i have something in my mouth she wants to see she sticks her tongue out as a way to signal me to open my mouth). i wasn't even chewing but the smell alone had her so intrigued that she kept sticking her tongue out and saying taste.  each time i laughed and gave her the tiniest bite of dark chocolate which she loved!  the third time i gave her a tiny bite she smiled the largest closed mouth smile, closed her eyes, and then tilted her head back in pure satisfaction.  i honestly couldn't believe what i was witnessing.  this girl obviously loves chocolate and she had a moment of taste bud bliss that i have never seen her have before.  i could not stop laughing. 


she knows what animals say

ever adores animals and lately she likes to tell us what certain animals say.....here are 3 out of about 5 that she regularly mentions.

a week or so ago as my mom was leaving our house she randomly asked ever what a sheep says and without hesitation ever blurted out baaaaa!  we all laughed so hard because we didn't expect her to blurt it out especially without being asked several times and because we hadn't even talked about recently.  she runs around the house saying baaaaa very often these days.


portrait a week 28/52
after dinner the other night ever decided it was time to explore.  
during her exploration she found pine cones....pi-cone has been added to her vocabulary of now more than 55 words.
she finally has enough hair to style although the styling process means i let her make a giant mess of my bathroom counter.  
the bracelet she is wearing was a baby shower gift.  she loves wearing her "pretty". 



portrait a week 27/52
naughty ever playing with lotion....or as she calls it "shun"



portrait a week 26/52
i am late on posting this one because of the dean peak wildfire that threatened burning my moms house and filled our home with guests for a few days/nights. 
when i get time i plan on posting more about the fire.  my mom took the dogs and ventured back out to the mountains this morning.  the fire still isn't contained but for now it looks better on her side of the mountain.  hopefully we will see an end to that fire soon and all be able to relax.