two beating hearts

you know what is really neat? 
 i have two hearts beating in my body this valentine's day.  
there is my own of course and the heart of a tiny baby.  although it is so hard for me to hold in news like this i intended to wait a little longer.  apparently my mom had other plans.  yesterday after an ultrasound where will and i saw that tiny heart beating, i all the sudden started getting texts from people saying congratulations.  i was so confused about how everyone knew and then i found out my mom decided to go ahead and post the news on facebook without saying a word to me about her grand idea.  i couldn't really be mad because it is happy news.  she had already known for a few weeks and i guess it was just killing her to wait any longer.  so there you have it...the secret is out.
we are excited to become a family of four in september.