portrait a week 34/52
looks like ever loves cloudy rainy weather just like her mama and papa.  
yaya was the naughty one who let her go out in pajamas and no shoes but shoes are overrated anyway right?
as you can see ever was blissfully happy to be doing such a thing and that is what matters.  that huge opened mouth smile of hers is my favorite.  every single day i'm lucky enough to witness that smile several repeatedly.  the day was full of a lot more barefoot puddle splashing and bike rides in the rain...perfect. 


dear ever, i love...

(caught you sitting on top of my art desk stirring/spilling dirty paint water while saying "soup" because that is what you thought you were doing...making soup.)

dear ever, i love the way you do or say.....

-"mama!" repeatedly with growing volume and intensity when you want me to get you out of your crib in the morning or after a nap.  i also love when you are being sweet and you say mama in a more gentle way while hugging me or touching my face.
-"showa pow" (shower power) it was something i started saying as a goofy way of making you excited for bath time.  you say it when we go in either of the bathrooms, when you see a picture of you getting a bath as a baby, or sometimes just for fun.
-"es the mote?" (where's the remote?)  you say this after hearing us say this while searching for the remote to watch a movie.  now instead of your usual "moomee" (movie) to let us know you want to watch something you ask where the remote is.  
-speaking of movies here are the one you ask for most often:
     -"oxth" (lorax)  notice the th i added there...you have an impossibly adorable lisp with certain words.
     -"lanuna" (la luna short film)
     -"breev" (brave)
     -"gru" (despicable me)
     -"tatooie" (ratatouille)
-when you are being very affectionate...typically to the kitties or your toys you squeeze them and say "kiss you!" then promptly plant a smooch.  the first time you did this to me a couple weeks ago my heart nearly burst.
-"no!" or "stop!"  typically you say either of these words when we are trying to change your diaper, get you dressed or feed you....things you don't like to be bothered with.  you say it so assertively that i can't help but smile or laugh at the tough tone in your tiny voice.
-"eyes" and "nose" are your favorite body parts to point out on yourself or others.  i can't quite describe how you say those words but they have a special little ring to them that is all your own and adorable.
-"plapsss" is how you've always said chapstick and i love the way you say it so much i usually pretend i don't know what you are saying so you'll keep repeating yourself.  yesterday you actually said "chapchick" and i was a little sad you weren't saying it the usual way.  
(playing with/eating/destroying my favorite chapstick...tube 3 you've ruined i think)

-"plapess" (grapes)
-the other day i was pointing at your teeth and you said teeth then you said "eww groth" (gross) and i can only assume you said that because it is always such a fight when i brush your teeth and i tell you i have to do it to get the yucky stuff off your teeth.  
-i've always called you gorgi (short for gorgeous) and the other day you said it.
-"cozy" another recent word that you say really high pitched and sweetly
-"awful" (waffle)
-"shishies" (goldfish crackers)
-"uh see ____________ insert name....yaya, masK you always emphasize the k, buddhie, brandon" lately you ask to see the dogs, yaya, or brandon, almost constantly.  you also take my phone and pretend to call either yaya or brandon.  it is funny because you act pretty shy around brandon but you mention him often. 
-"booK" again with emphasis on the k.

these are just a few of the approximately 75 words or phrases you've been saying lately that i'm extra fond of.  i also can't forget to mention how your dance moves are getting increasingly impressive.  very often whether music is on or not your are stomping your feet around and showcasing your best dance moves.  
saying that i love you is an understatement.  i am completely in awe of the things you do and comprehend.  thank you for making me smile and laugh so often.  

xoxo, mama



portrait a week 33/52
taken right after ever's first graffiti moment.
i was impressed with her adorable pen scribbles on the living room wall...not upset at all.

alright everyone....i know i always say these things:
she's smart, naughty, beautiful, funny, perfect, creative...
i love her.
she makes me laugh. 
if you could take all the things i say about ever and multiply it by a million that would be how i feel about her today and each day after a little more.  
it is hard to describe but those who are around her get it.  
i need to make time to document some of the funny things she has said and done lately.


recent paintings

each of these recent paintings is available in my society6 shop. 
you can get a print of any one of these and some of my art is available as a phone case, shirt, tote bag, throw pillow, stationary card, etc.
go take a look...i dare you.



photo a week...32/52
as you can see from this picture we got a bike trailer.  
ever thinks it is really cool to have me tow her around while she lounges.
i think it is really cool that will made ever little cushions out of his pajama pants because he was concerned that the seat belts were too scratchy on her neck.  what a great papa.  we really look forward to cooler weather so we can enjoy this little contraption even more.  as it is now we have to wait until right before the sun sets to go out on quick rides so we avoid heat exhaustion.  it is hard to explain to ever that she can't go out and play even when she says "sidey" a million times a day.  i just promise her we will later when it isn't as hot and she thinks my promises are annoying.   



portrait a week 31/52
ever decided she needed a makeover.  in this picture you'll see her new look of smashed grapes in the hair and various eyeshadow shades on her face. 
a few cute things from the last week or so include:
-this first thing is a favorite of mine for sure.  over the last few weeks just out of the blue ever will grab my face with both of her hands and plant a sweet little kiss on my lips.  sometimes when doing this she also says mama with so much love in her voice.  it melts my heart every single time.  it is a somewhat rare thing that i always look forward to.
-she has a real love of office supplies/art supplies.  she likes to carry around markers, pens, paper, folders, canvases, paint, etc.  sometimes her favorite thing is transferring these items from one area or container to another.  sometimes she's happy with throwing these items in the trash.  on occasion you'll find a pen, paperclip, or marker in your shoe or some other random spot.  i love watching her transfer things around like it is her job.  she takes it so serious.  i might be to blame for her recent marker obsession.  last week as i was working on a painting and she was being needy i gave her an old canvas and a highlighter to keep her content.  you would have thought i gave her the best gift in the world.  she had bright pink all over herself and the canvas.  so far she hasn't colored on the walls or anything but even if she did i might think it was the cutest thing in the world. 
-she also has developed a love of the fridge....but not because of food.  she loves the magnets all over it.  we have lots of stickgram magnets that are mostly pictures of her.  pictures of the dogs.  pictures of will and i.  really colorful cute magnets.  i put alphabet magnets down low on the fridge along with a few others she could play with and she gets lost in magnet world very often.  she also asks me to hold her so she can see the pictures which are up higher about a thousand times a day.  she points out the dogs....each of them are named boz now according to her.  she points out the different animal magnets we have plus all the pictures of herself and us.  it is a favorite activity of hers.