portrait a week 31/52
ever decided she needed a makeover.  in this picture you'll see her new look of smashed grapes in the hair and various eyeshadow shades on her face. 
a few cute things from the last week or so include:
-this first thing is a favorite of mine for sure.  over the last few weeks just out of the blue ever will grab my face with both of her hands and plant a sweet little kiss on my lips.  sometimes when doing this she also says mama with so much love in her voice.  it melts my heart every single time.  it is a somewhat rare thing that i always look forward to.
-she has a real love of office supplies/art supplies.  she likes to carry around markers, pens, paper, folders, canvases, paint, etc.  sometimes her favorite thing is transferring these items from one area or container to another.  sometimes she's happy with throwing these items in the trash.  on occasion you'll find a pen, paperclip, or marker in your shoe or some other random spot.  i love watching her transfer things around like it is her job.  she takes it so serious.  i might be to blame for her recent marker obsession.  last week as i was working on a painting and she was being needy i gave her an old canvas and a highlighter to keep her content.  you would have thought i gave her the best gift in the world.  she had bright pink all over herself and the canvas.  so far she hasn't colored on the walls or anything but even if she did i might think it was the cutest thing in the world. 
-she also has developed a love of the fridge....but not because of food.  she loves the magnets all over it.  we have lots of stickgram magnets that are mostly pictures of her.  pictures of the dogs.  pictures of will and i.  really colorful cute magnets.  i put alphabet magnets down low on the fridge along with a few others she could play with and she gets lost in magnet world very often.  she also asks me to hold her so she can see the pictures which are up higher about a thousand times a day.  she points out the dogs....each of them are named boz now according to her.  she points out the different animal magnets we have plus all the pictures of herself and us.  it is a favorite activity of hers.  


  1. You better get some magic erasers incase she does find those markers work on walls too ;)

  2. Ever's gonna be an artist like her mama! :)


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