cats and a dog

we had a visitor tonight.....my mom brought boz by for a few.  the humans of the house were happy to see him but the felines were not happy at all and i have proof.

these mean stare downs went on for quite some time.  boz whined and scratched at the door in an attempt to get closer to the kitties and they made it very obvious that they weren't impressed.

houndstooth seemed especially territorial.  that tiny kitty is not afraid of anything.
boz only stayed for a few minutes.  after he left it took some convincing to get the kitties back inside. 
they had what i call bottle brush tails and dorsal fins...they were all puffy.

if pellegrino could talk i'm pretty sure this would be the point that he would be cussing me out and letting me know boz is never allowed over again.


more baby stuff

getting baby things has been so fun.
here are her most recent outfits...
parts of this hello kitty set was something i had hoped she could wear home from the hospital.  unless she is a giant baby (which i doubt) it seems all this stuff would be too big.  i guess we will see.

my mom got her this adorable jacket.

more harajuku mini magic.

this little horse outfit is something i couldn't resist because for one it is so cute and for two it is a graphic by old time disney artist mary blair.  i've always admired her work.  she is the person who designed the it's a small world ride at disneyland and since that was my favorite ride back when i was 4, i guess i've admired mary's work for a long time.

this tutu is another harajuku mini item....i love it.

houndstooth shoes....because in my opinion everyone needs to own something with houndstooth print.

and then there is this outfit.  when the harajuku mini line was released this was the outfit i wanted most.  i searched all over for this one and couldn't find it. 3 different trips to 2 targets and still no outfit.  my aunt searched for it too.  then i contacted my friend michaela in vegas and asked her if she could help me track it down.  a few phone calls later it was found....the last one in the size i needed. 
she gifted our little girl with one stylish outfit.

while on the topic of baby stuff i have to mention just how thankful i am for the generosity of friends.  the linn family hooked us up with all sorts of baby goods.....so many clothes and many other amazing items that we needed.  their kindness really means so much.


oh christmas tree

this is going to be our third christmas as a married couple and it is the first time we have put up a tree.  the first christmas we were too busy searching for a house to buy and getting everything settled from the wedding that we didn't really have time to deal with a tree.  i promised we would make it happen the next year.  then last year we didn't feel like spending the money on a tree and decorations since we had just returned from disneyland and we were going to be hosting thanksgiving for the first time.  after christmas was over last year i was determined to not let another year go by without a tree so we purchased one and i shopped for ornaments from my favorite stores. 
i am so happy we did all that because i love our tree. 
we were pretty sure the kitties would be naughty with the tree so to avoid messes we opted to put it up in our bedroom since we could minimize their exposure to it.
looks like we made a wise decision because i already caught pellegrino trying to swipe an ornament.

houndstooth did a bunch of supervising of us assembling the tree.  she wasn't quite sure what to think of it.

i have been playing christmas music like crazy and
i've decided i could easily spend the majority of my time sitting in our room gazing at the tree.
i think our baby girl likes it too because i could feel her wiggling a bunch as i admired the tree last night. 
will has been bummed that he can't feel her moving yet but last night she even gave him a tiny love tap.


we didn't make final thanksgiving plans until a couple days before the event.  first it was going to be at my house with only 4 people, then my house with 16 or so people. 
then gramps decided he wanted to have it at his house. 
so a crew of about 20 people crammed into their house and we feasted. 
later that night family and friends came by our house for cookies, games and these pretty sugared cranberries.
so easy to make and so fun because they look like they are covered in snow.
we had some of the muscles in the house stir the cookies.
while the other muscles held baby jet.
there was trivial pursuit for the smarties. 

will couldn't get enough of jet. he keeps talking about him now that he's gone back home.  he has also been talking to the baby girl in my belly and tells her how he can't wait for her to arrive.  i think he has baby fever.

it was a day full of way too much food and being with the ones we love.


laughing fits lead to...

i don't know the last time i laughed so hard and had so much fun doing simple things.  my mom and i spent yesterday afternoon running errands and baking.  there were several moments during our hours together that we laughed uncontrollably over the dumbest things.  you know the kind of laughter where you can barely breathe and you have tears rolling down your face and you feel like you might pee your pants?  well embarrassing but true....i did just that.  i peed my pants from laughing so hard and not only did i do that once but twice!  thankfully it didn't happen while we were in petco like i thought it might, both ridiculous incidents happened while at home.  i blame it all on the baby girl that is currently perched atop my bladder.  i wonder what she thinks when i laugh that hard?
i could certainly have a million more afternoons like the one i had yesterday.  i love my mom.


ultrasound of a miracle

i had an ultrasound yesterday.  you know...the ultrasound where you have to drink gallons of water first and hope you don't pee your pants. 
it was so interesting to see all of our little girl's organs. 
i was most amazed at seeing her heart beating close up and watching all four chambers do their thing. 
i felt so thankful to know that each part of her tiny body seems to be healthy and growing at the correct rate. 
we got a special little sneak peek of her in 3D. 
she also wiggled around a bunch which was fun to see, but it doesn't really make for the best photo of her.
so here she is body facing forward, head turned to the side, with a little arm up and hand next to face.
she had one or two hands up near her face almost the entire time, which i thought was really cute.
although i think anything is really cute when it comes to her.
it is so unreal to know that this little miracle is happening inside me.

the wedding of a cousin

this is certainly the season of weddings.
over the weekend we drove to phoenix to see my cousin lisa marry her love raphael. 
it was a lovely wedding and i have to say i adored lisa's carefully thought out song selections. 
i am not one bit surprised at the music and some of the other little details that were special which she planned.  below are a billion pictures of family and friends enjoying the joyous occasion.
my mom decided we should take pictures in the mirror during a potty break.

i really got a kick out of watching gramps and gram dance. 

another weekend of love.