oh christmas tree

this is going to be our third christmas as a married couple and it is the first time we have put up a tree.  the first christmas we were too busy searching for a house to buy and getting everything settled from the wedding that we didn't really have time to deal with a tree.  i promised we would make it happen the next year.  then last year we didn't feel like spending the money on a tree and decorations since we had just returned from disneyland and we were going to be hosting thanksgiving for the first time.  after christmas was over last year i was determined to not let another year go by without a tree so we purchased one and i shopped for ornaments from my favorite stores. 
i am so happy we did all that because i love our tree. 
we were pretty sure the kitties would be naughty with the tree so to avoid messes we opted to put it up in our bedroom since we could minimize their exposure to it.
looks like we made a wise decision because i already caught pellegrino trying to swipe an ornament.

houndstooth did a bunch of supervising of us assembling the tree.  she wasn't quite sure what to think of it.

i have been playing christmas music like crazy and
i've decided i could easily spend the majority of my time sitting in our room gazing at the tree.
i think our baby girl likes it too because i could feel her wiggling a bunch as i admired the tree last night. 
will has been bummed that he can't feel her moving yet but last night she even gave him a tiny love tap.


  1. yay tree! this is our first year w/ a tree too :) haven't added ornaments yet though, will probably start putting some on tonight!

    - lisa

  2. See??? Didn't I once tell you that feeling your baby move inside you is soo magical??? (Well....something of those words. You know my memory.) Don't you love the feeling? You must truly feel like a mommy now. It's all real. I'm sooo happy for you guys!!!!


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