st. george part 3--the end

the last part of our trip was full of more of the same mellow fun. 
i got baby presents from amerest and cydney.  it was so fun to open all the cute stuff!

xyler was extra funny and silly

we put a few finishing touches on the insane halloween decorations.
when amerest gave me directions to her house the sentence said...
you'll know which house is mine because it looks like halloween threw up on it.
she wasn't kidding. 
i loved all of the halloween decor....too bad i'll probably never be that motivated to decorate for halloween.

we kept being instructed to stick our tongue out for pictures.

i love this picture of xyler and will.....the lighting, their expressions...i just happened to capture a gem.

so glad we were able to spend a nice weekend away with friends.

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  1. Weekend get aways with friends are always awesome. Its so good to get away!! I noticed an orb in the bottom picture next to amerest. Maybe someone special was visiting.

    since it won't usually let me comment I had to comment in anonymous.

    Jennifer Wilcox


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