we didn't make final thanksgiving plans until a couple days before the event.  first it was going to be at my house with only 4 people, then my house with 16 or so people. 
then gramps decided he wanted to have it at his house. 
so a crew of about 20 people crammed into their house and we feasted. 
later that night family and friends came by our house for cookies, games and these pretty sugared cranberries.
so easy to make and so fun because they look like they are covered in snow.
we had some of the muscles in the house stir the cookies.
while the other muscles held baby jet.
there was trivial pursuit for the smarties. 

will couldn't get enough of jet. he keeps talking about him now that he's gone back home.  he has also been talking to the baby girl in my belly and tells her how he can't wait for her to arrive.  i think he has baby fever.

it was a day full of way too much food and being with the ones we love.

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