goodbye twenties

tomorrow i will be kissing my twenties goodbye.
my twenties have been a mix of
wonderful moments that i wish could last forever
moments that i'd rather fast forward. 
but so it is with life....
you take the good
and the bad
because you really don't have a choice.
the number one question i've been asked lately is...
are you nervous/sad about turning 30?
my answer has been.....
no, i'm excited.
anyone that knows me knows i worry and stress about everything
so i guess it's natural to assume that i wouldn't be accepting this
milestone birthday with grace.
i've only had one moment of panic about turning 30
in the past few days,
despite all the teasing and horror stories of creeping into a new decade.  
i think the biggest reason i'm so calm is because
my twenties ended with a bang! 
29 brought me the happiest event of my life so far,
marrying the man of my dreams. 
the twenties started out with intense sorrow and a  huge life lesson.
the subject of that lesson....death.
a subject i never thought i'd deal with but when my dad left this earthly life
i did.
there were years
between that event 
and today.
some a blur.
some incredibly memorable and perfect. 
but all in all these twenties of mine
have just improved as the time has flown by.
i can only imagine it will get better from here. 
bring it on 30, i'm ready for you!


this way...

[notice the cute quail sitting on the sign]

.........to a magical place that we signed papers on yesterday!
it is a done deal very soon and we couldn't be happier!

{taken in the magical place}

p.s. thank you for your input on our weekend plans. 
it looks like we are going to try to juggle our time and do a little of both.....
moving and fun running!


decisions decisions

isn't it crazy how several weekends can pass without any big plans then one weekend comes up that has so many things going on you can't decide which to do?
we are in the process of deciding how to spend our saturday so maybe you can vote to help us make a decision since we tend to have trouble with such things. 
saturday marks my 30th year in the world.   originally we had grand plans but those all changed when we found out that we could be moving into our new house saturday.  we stopped the plan making and i came to the conclusion that moving into our dream home, which we've been trying to get since november, would be the best birthday plans i could ever have.
will keeps saying that he feels bad about us celebrating my 30th by moving and insists we should do something more elaborate.  
may 1st also happens to be the yearly fun run.
last year during fun run weekend we took out will's old car and cruised from seligman to oatman with all the other car enthusiasts.
it was the first time i had been part of such a thing and it turned out to be such an amazing adventure for us.  
we have been talking about going on the fun run together again since it ended last may.
so.....what should we do?
*option 1- be responsible and move into our house.
*option 2-go on the fun run because moving can take place any day.
*option 3-neither of the above. go for something a little more elaborate to celebrate the big 3-0!
like(enter your suggestion)

at lunch today will opened his fortune cookie and read it to me like this:

"you thrive on adventure, try something new, and talk your wife into going on the fun run this saturday"
i sat there for a second in shock thinking how did that fortune cookie know we were trying to decide whether to go on the fun run this weekend......after the second passed i burst out into laughter and pretty much haven't stopped.


the money bird

i have this new thing i like to do when we are in a drive thru.  it goes a little something like this...

i like to call it the money bird.  basically when it's time to pay i flap the money around like it's a bird flapping it's wings.  at times the bird flies right in to my loves hand but sometime it flies all over the vehicle and he's chasing it.  this proves to be quite amusing to me and quite frustrating to the husband.  he still puts up with it every single time and sometimes he laughs with me.


when hunger happens

sometimes this guy i know gets really hungry.
sometimes we meet up for breakfast in the cafe at work. 
there was this one time that he decided to stuff two chocolate donuts in his face before paying for them because he just couldn't wait the 2-5 minutes to pay for them.
when something like that happens we start laughing so hard and donut pieces almost fly out of his stuffed mouth. 
luckily my phone was with me and the camera was ready to capture this moment of pure joy that kept us laughing the rest of the day!

*don't worry, he still paid for the 2 donuts that were already in his belly.


cows and snakes

our drive home lately is quite entertaining

it's like watching animal planet.

i wanted to take the cute little babies home with me.
they didn't seem too excited about that idea.

we are going to miss these daily wilderness trips pretty soon.


take a hike

a couple weekends ago we went out to one of our favorite hiking trails with za muzza, za bruzza, and stick.
we expected a little snow but we were shocked to discover that on some parts of the trail we fell in the snow up to our hips.  it was quite the adventure trekking through the white stuff for miles.  i hope we can go back soon and have soaking wet feet as we hike.
it was so fun!
as you look at these pictures it's like taking a virtual hike.
enjoy the scenery!

yes honey i promise we can go buy a new backpack before the next hike.


oh hello there...

beautiful dead trees.

i would love to pick you up and take you home
because to me you are amazing and i could totally decorate my house with beauties like you.
next hiking trip i might just try to figure out a way to take one of you home with me.


3-D glasses make the most boring tasks fun

as we were doing laundry and cleaning this weekend Will had a brilliant idea...
his brilliant idea involved taking the lenses out of our 3-D glasses and wearing them
while doing chores then having a photo shoot.
awesome idea dear husband!
i really love his brilliant ideas!


a flowery surprise

i love this guy!!!

he brightened my desk and my day by randomly sending these

the card read: just for being you.  i love you.
i probably deserve a swift kick rather than flowers just for being me
because i haven't been the greatest me this week.

so to my poopie....
thank you for being you
i appreciate your perfect pep talks
you always seem to know just what to say
thank you for being patient with me
i love you to the moon and back.

now it's time to start a happy weekend
i hope you all have a happy weekend too!


spring swings

this is what a day at the park looks like for us...
of course this day happened a couple weeks ago. i've been a little behind on sharing our magical stories.

you know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
                                   -dr. seuss


a trick and art

i work with a trickster
here is the proof...
this hideous thing was hiding in my drawer. 
thanks a lot jared.

in other news here is a picture of recently commisioned artwork i finished
like usual i was nervous since commisioned work is much different for me.
luckily it wasn't a big deal once i got going. 
it was so much fun!