flowers and fizzy

i am happy when...
za husband randomly surprises me with some of my favorite things.

snorting pig snore noise

sometimes we are lounging around the house on a lazy weekend and i snap a picture of za husband napping peacefully because i think he is adorable.  then a few minutes later this loud snorting pig/snore noise comes from the guy that never snores.  the noise wakes him up instantly and in his groggy state he laughs.  then i laugh.  we both laugh hysterically for a while.  as the day goes on we continue bringing it up and we laugh some more.  p.s.  i'm glad za husband doesn't get too upset at some of the things i share.  i don't know that i would be so cool if it were reversed.  i mean he kind of told me i couldn't share this but i think he'll forgive me.  hopefully.


colorful spirit

today is the birthday of a special person. 
this is marcy. 
we have been friends for over 20 years. 
she has a heart of gold.  she is always smiling and laughing.  she is hilarious. 
once upon a time we were roommates and it was one of the most fun experiences of my life.
marcy came over a couple nights ago so we could laugh and talk and i could give her a special gift. 
i did another palette knife paiting similar to the one i did for za husband.
i cracked up at her reaction.  i have a video of it but she might not be happy if i shared it with the world. 
lets just say she was extremely happy about her painting. 
i was extremely happy to spend the evening with one of my best friends.


finally updated

slowly but surely new items such as this are creeping into the shop.

flashback friday #9

 circa october 2009.  brulé comes over for a visit on saturday morning right after we wake up.  she was being extra sweet and cuddly so we made a brulé sandwich and she was the meat.


the truth

*daffodils....one of my most favorite flowers which were brought over as a gift this evening from some lovely ladies.

i am shy.  i go through times where i feel insecure about myself or my art or anything really.  i worry about what other people think way too much.  i stress about insignificant things.  sometimes i let my insecurity or shyness get in the way of life.  i let it keep me from pursuing dreams to the fullest.  i let it keep me from getting to know other people.  with that said, tonight is a night worth writing about.  a couple lovely ladies that i don't know very well were set to stop by my house.  this has been the plan for a few days and as silly as it might sound i've been anxious about it.  i had all sorts of questions swirling around in my head..... 
what if my house isn't clean enough or put together just right?  what if they think i decorate my home much like a kindergartner would?....because i kind of do.  what if this outfit looks bad on me?  what if it's awkward and we have nothing to talk about?  
i'm pretty sure that i can safely say i'm not alone with this sort of thing.  it's human nature to be this way or at least woman nature....sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.  i have to say, it seems that just when i'm worrying about a certain time like tonight all the sudden i'm reminded that the world is full of beautiful people.  we all have a story and we can all relate in one way or another.  i discover the magic that each individual person has and that is such a refreshing feeling.  after our visit my batteries that were in desperate need of a charge felt full.  i felt renewed, uplifted, and inspired.
it is a goal of mine to be more open and less ridiculous so that i can find more wonderful people in this big world which i can call friends because i know there is plenty more magic out there in every soul.
two lovely ladies came by my house as acquiantences and they left as friends.       



anthropologie...i'd like you to know that i might love you with all my heart if you had this in stock next time i drive many miles to your store....
shame on you for getting me hooked, then not having it in stock 3 times in a row.  no biggie, i'll just order it from your online store.  whaaaaat?!  you don't sell this particular item online.  so lame. 
but really, who am i kidding?  i still love you with all my heart even if you aren't providing me with the product need.


our snowglobe

how lucky were we to experience gloomy snow/rain weather on the weekend?  i'd say very lucky.  it tends to happen during the week when we are at work and not in our own little bubble, which is never as cool. 
unlike much of the population we prefer cloudy gloomy weather.  maybe it's just because it doesn't happen often here. 
anyway inside our own little snowglobe of a world we enjoyed relaxing and being productive.  marked lots of stuff off the to do list and did a whole lot of nothing in between. 
*yes i know we need to eventually landscape our back yard so it's not just weeds and dirt.
we are embracing it as is for the moment.

it was perfect.  i'm not sure za husband thought my obsession with the camera today was perfect but at least he didn't put up too much of a fight.


flashback friday #8

circa december 2009.
newly married. 
in our first house. 
a very magical time indeed.
i love him more as each day passes. 
never understood when people said that sort of thing, but i do now.


my matthew

all it takes to brighten an otherwise hectic, not so fun day is a walk to the mailbox and a letter from matthew.
this time he even sent a page from a coloring book. 
that is an extra special bonus which doesn't happen often. 
i'm lucky.
p.s. he says he will be my #1 fashion designer. 
i love him.



happy valentine's day to you my dears....
this here is za husband's new painting.  made by me without brushes....just palette knife and paint action.  i wish you could all see how vibrant the colors are in real life. 

i hope your day is vibrant and colorful just like this.


exchanging love

i enjoy valentine's day because i enjoy love and a day that is set aside specifically for exchanging love is my kind of day.
this is a little weed flower za husband picked for me when we were outside earlier.  i love it.

yesterday za husband brings in the mail and imagine my shock and excitement when i recieve this package from a lovely friend.  i call her cousin jana.  she calls me cousin skye.  long story....but in a nutshell we met through my cousin lisa several years ago.  i found out we share the same excitement for valentines day and other things.  we exchanged special handmade cards one year on valentine's day.  we don't talk often and haven't seen each other in quite some time but she thought of me and sent me special collage cards and an adorable little canvas that basically made my day! 

her valentine surprise from me is going to be a little late (procrastination at it's best) but she's such a cool girl i know it won't matter.
what matters is that we both thought of each other.
hooray for handmade valentine gifts!
tomorrow you get to see the gift i painted for za husband. 
i think he is going to love it.


back in time

today we went to browse the antique stores in town.  i was hoping this old chair i had my eye on for the last couple months was still at one of the stores because i was ready to finally get it (sometimes i have have to think about things for a bit).  i guess i thought for too long because it was gone, but at least i still found treasures. 
don't ask me why but i had a thing for these jacks and bone dice as well as.... 
this 60's handbag 
a 70's bright orange dress

and this old picnic shirt
i hardly ever leave the antique stores with the same kind of items.  it must depend on the mood i'm in that day because i end up with the most random assortment of trinkets.  so fun. 


flashback friday #7

circa october 2007.  michaela.tyra.me.  looking at this photo brings up lots of happy memories.  we were at michaela's condo in vegas getting dolled up to go to a gwen stefani concert.  i was thrilled because i'm a major gwen fan and i was with two wonderful friends of mine.  we are still the greatest of friends by the way.  have been for lots of years.  the only difference now is life seems to get busier the older we all get and our quality time together is few and far between.  best part though....no matter how much time passes when we hang out it's as if we never were apart. 


the family of five

                                i love how buddha is all up in the camera and smiling.  he's funny!
the rest of them were not so happy about having their picture taken.

mascara was "slicked" as we call it.

brulé was more interested in having her belly rubbed.

steinway was having sad eyes.

boz was doing one of his "i'm watching you" poses.
each of these pictures basically sums up their personalities.

we fed them treats we picked out for them while they did tricks.
then i laughed because i thought the three youngsters should get senior greenies as a sort of gag gift for turning seven.
not that they knew, but if they did i'm sure at least one of them would have been offended. 
all joking aside i have to share a fear with you... knowing that they are all getting older makes me have panic attacks sometimes.  each of them are so special in their own way and i truly cannot imagine life without them.  not to mention how stressed they get if one of them goes to the vet and the pack is not 5 for any space of time.  i'm just hoping they live forever.  i really would love that.  i love them more than i do most people.  if you spent one minute with any of them i guarantee you would feel the same.


the dreamy hike

the hot springs hike according to my camera....

this place looks dreamy right?
it is.  

i don't know how to fix the video but if you watch it with your neck bent to the side that's cool.  the sign will is reading talks about how you shouldn't let water go up your nose because the bacteria can cause serious illness or death.  kind of freaked me out.  then the last shot of the video is near where i fell on my bum and soaked my pants....yeah i'm graceful like that.

giving the shop a little love

looks like a shop update is right around the corner....
so far is looks like there will be 6 new items added in the near future including these 3. 
get excited my dears...i know i am.


true story

a messy house--check
a laundry room that is very full of dirty clothes--check
bills waiting to be mailed out--check
remnants of a fort in the middle of our living room--check
a bank account that is not as full as it should be--check
a dirty vehicle--check
not enough healthy food in the house--check

above is a list of things that are true at the moment and  would typically have me freaking out.
why am i not freaking out?
well because i have this really wise husband that tells me i need to relax and enjoy the moment more often rather than beat myself up over not accomplishing everything on my list for the weekend.  he's right.
watching several movies with za husband, some from the fort we built--check
taking a little road trip and visiting with good friends--check
a fun bike ride--check
shopping at my favorite places and having a few fun new items--check
lots of quality time with my favorite person--check
making really good burritos--check

so worth it.....
i vote for more weekends like these.


flashback friday #6

another video taken by my uncle brian, includes brother, aunt, cousin, myself and a couple extra special people near the end, circa 1986....me being bossy (big surprise) while making mud pies.  at the 5:15-6:15 mark you will find my cousin lisa and i laughing like crazy while i "mess up the ants".....a favorite part for sure. 



take a hike....hot springs

this weekend we did the hot springs hike near hoover dam.  i've done that hike one other time and as tough as it is at some points....so worth it.  it's so pretty and i couldn't help but daydream while passing through the canyons on our way to the springs.  i daydreamed about being a mermaid.  serious.  i guess sometimes my brain is really stuck in little kid mode but i love it that way.
i took lots of pictures and a few videos but my camera next to john's camera is crap so i am using his pictures for now and maybe i'll add some of my own and a video later.  nothing really does it justice other than seeing and feeling the hot springs in person so i urge you to take this hike.  i promise you will love the sites,  your legs might not love you for a couple days after but oh well.

my brother

the photographer

za husband

me looking like a little kid.  john calls this retro skye.

the group of five cruising up the trail.
*photo credit: our friend john glancy