five years of adventures

five years ago on this day we got married.  
i never could have imagined that our lives would be the way they are now if i would have thought five years into the future.
so many adventures have happened since that day.  as will likes to say, even a misadventure in an adventure.  our love has grown as we've faced the ups and downs of life together.  our family has grown as
ever, olive, and fable graced us with their presence.
i'm always amazed at the life we have now when we look back at older pictures or reminisce about things in the past.  there is something magical and sort of frightening about not knowing what the future holds.  i am excited to see what the next 5 years and beyond bring. 
i'll spare you all the mushy things i have to say about will......he can read those in his anniversary card, but i have to say that i really love him and this life we have together. 


ever meeting fable and olive

this is the other video i've wanted to share on here.  one of my favorite parts of it is when ever points to fable and says this one is cute.

twin lullaby video

this is one of the videos i had mentioned shortly after fable and olive were born.  we have started a youtube channel to share snippets like these of our lives and eventually much more.


halloween 2014

halloween this year was as chaotic and fun as i expected it would be.  the days leading up to it ever would ask me if it was time to trick-or-treat yet.  she tends to love spooky things so naturally halloween is the holiday for her....it is all she's talked about since the first creepy decorations appeared in stores.  speaking of that ever calls the dollar store the ghost store.  she talked my mom and will into taking her there and buying her things multiple times over the last few weeks.  i think she's going to be upset when she realizes halloween is not a year round thing.  
the big sister bumble bee with her baby foxes.

ever was really thrilled for me to put makeup on her but as soon as i started doing that she didn't want to sit still so we didn't get very far with makeup.  then she ended up crying some of it off because we were trying to make her eat dinner before leaving the house....so cruel of us, i know.
between ever's refusal to comply and a projectile vomit episode from olive i thought we'd never make it out of the house in time for the trunk or treat at the church.  i was not in the greatest mood but it got better once we made it to our destination.  it took hours to get us all out of the house and even with my preparation ahead of time we were still flustered and running late just like i didn't want.  because of that i failed to get any videos of the girls in costume and i didn't get the pictures i wanted....just a bunch of rushed snaps on the phone but i suppose they'll work.

ever was thrilled that yaya wore a costume until she noticed that picture on the package that showed a witch with a green face.  she cried and shook with fear and told my mom that she could not put on the yellow stuff.  i thought our night might be a bit rocky with the scary things we'd end up seeing but nothing frightened her....just the picture of the witch with the green face.  we haven't heard the end of it.

she looks so proud here and i love that.

i can't think of a better way to trick-or-treat than with a cuddly baby strapped to my body.

brandon met us for a minute (with his dirty work clothes and mad scientist hair) which as you can see made ever's night complete.  he wasn't thrilled about me sharing this picture but how could i not with ever's giant crooked smile.