We decided it was time to do a giveaway to celebrate our new ventures (Oh Jeez Pony YouTube channel, updated skyelish Etsy shop, Facebook page)
Rules for giveaway:
Like the Oh Jeez Pony facebook page, if you haven't already. Then visit the shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/skyelish and comment on the Oh Jeez Pony Facebook post the name of the art print you would like to win. A winner will be chosen at random and announced February 1st. Please follow both steps of the rules so you are assured to win the print of your choice. Best of luck to you!


newly revamped

ok so i've been putting a lot of effort into revamping my {etsy shop}.
it was time to give it a new look.
along with the new look is new pricing.

to celebrate all of our recent ventures like
and {this}
and {this}
we'll be doing a giveaway of the {baymax} art print.  
details coming up next week.
*the coupon code NEW15 is still active through the end of the month on etsy

p.s. if you enjoy my ramblings you might want to go watch our {latest video}.


a restocked shop and coupon code

remember this baymax painting i recently did?
i finally have a limited amount of prints of it in the {shop}.
i also restocked some favorites like this one.
to celebrate a new year and a newly restocked shop i've created a coupon code for you.  use the code NEW15 at checkout and enjoy 15% off your order.

p.s. sort of off topic but don't forget to check out our {youtube} channel.  we upload a new video every day.  in the video yesterday i shared some twin parenting advice.  not that i'm an expert but i'm figuring things out a little more each day. 



our most recent video is very near and dear to my heart.  a couple days ago we went to play in the snow at my mom's house in the mountains.  while there and loving on the dogs i realized just how much i miss the two who aren't with us anymore.  i decided to include some old footage and photos in the video so those that never knew boz and brulĂ© could get a glimpse of the amazing creatures they were.