celebrating 51

tonight we went to dinner to celebrate 51 years of my mom.
3 generations....actually 4 if you count the little lady in my tummy.

za husband, za muzza, grandmother whistle, za bruzza

it is so easy to celebrate my mom on her special day.
we love her. 

flashback friday #31

circa 2009
my mom at my wedding.
today is this foxy lady's birthday!
she makes 51 look hot!
i love you mom....happy birthday!


our baby is.....

 with help from houndstooth and pellegrino we are thrilled to announce some pretty big news.  
they reluctantly dressed up in pink bows to let you all know that...

it's a girl!


baby bat

we went to ross looking for picture frames.
what did we leave with?

a baby bat costume. 
will's reaction to this costume was hilarious.
he spotted it first and basically wouldn't leave the store without it. 
he said he doesn't care if it fits our baby next halloween,
it's worth it just to see the little one dressed up in it once for fun.
i agree.

reminiscing and looking forward

this is where i would like to be right now.

our plan was to be there the week of november 7th to celebrate 2 years of wedded bliss. 
we were going to do a repeat of last year.
i can't tell you how many times the two of us would randomly say how we missed disneyland over the last year.  we would talk about all of the fun we had last time and dream about the fun we would have this time. 
i have to admit that when we discovered a little baby was on the way i panicked a bit.  
not just because it would be changing our vacation plans but it would be changing everything we were used to for the last couple years. 
i don't tend to handle change well, and while it was an exciting change we've always dreamed about i didn't think i was ready.  the first thing i said between tears when i saw that positive pregnancy test was "now we can't go to disneyland!"
we laugh about that statement of mine frequently.
i am really so thrilled to be a mom.  it just took a little bit for the initial shock to wear off.  now that the nausea is over and i have more energy i've really been able to embrace this magical time in our lives. 
do i still want to go to disneyland?  yes. 
are we still going to try to go before the end of the year?  maybe.
even if i can't ride any of my favorite fast rides there are still the favorite slow rides.
does the thought of taking our child to this magical place make us so incredibly happy?  absolutely!


backyard campfire

it's a good thing will is around to remind me that it is fun to be spontaneous on a saturday night, and make a fire in our backyard for smores.  


harajuku mini ♥

 as some of you know i am pretty obsessed with gwen stefani.  i am a fan of her music, style, personality, clothing lines, everything really.  i even chose to wear a l.a.m.b dress as my wedding dress.  not long after i found out i was pregnant i discovered that gwen would be doing a baby/childrens clothing line with target called harajuku mini.  i can't imagine a more perfect time for her to release such a line.....i secretly think it was just for me.  haha.  so here are a few adorable outfits:
last night i actually had a dream about the harajuku mini clothes and rushing to the store to buy every outfit.  then i woke up this morning to discover that the lookbook was released online and i've been planning the items i will buy. 
i don't think i can describe how excited i am by this.
 my mom and will certainly understand how thrilled i am and they might think i'm a little crazy. 

colorful pumpkins

since we will be busy halloween weekend we decided to do our traditional halloweenie thing a little early.
last night we put on nightmare before christmas, enjoyed a little dinner, then got to work on our pumpkins.  
i saw this really neat idea on another blog and decided we should give it a try.
all you need is crayons, lighters, and pumpkins.
this is the pumpkin i worked on.
this is will's

i intended to keep going on my pumpkin and then do the same thing to some of the mini pumpkins but our lighters ran out of fuel so the rest of the pumpkin decorating was postponed. 
maybe after we finish our busy halloween weekend we can still carve a couple because i really want to roast the seeds.
mmmm....my favorite!
hooray for our tradition and colorful pumpkins!


flashback friday #30

circa 1973
my beautiful grandmother.


4 happy thoughts

things i am happy about......
the pumpkin plant has started to produce a few pumpkins but they only seem to last a week and then fizzle out and die.  this one seems to be thriving and is the biggest yet so i really hope it continues growing.
either way it has been fascinating to watch this plant take off over the months.
i saw these ziploc bags in the store the other night and almost did a happy dance.
i don't think i've ever wanted ziploc bags so bad in my life. 
i held them up and looked at will with the sort of pleading face a child would give it's parents over a toy. 
of course he just smiled and told me to get them.
now i'm afraid to use them up.
looking at the halloween decorations displayed around our house. 
as most of you know halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. 
especially because of the pumpkins. 

and last but certainly not least....
the fact that we got to see our baby again during an ultrasound today. 
our baby is extra stubborn.  
this little one seems to love to cross it's legs and curl up in a cozy ball.  
we still aren't completely certain on the gender but pretty sure.  
hoping that next week we are more than 90% sure.
we did get a couple more cute pictures of our darling that i'll post soon.  


our stubborn baby

today we had an ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby.  the last ultrasound we had a couple weeks ago the baby was stubborn and kept moving but wouldn't move to the right positions for the tech to get certain measurements that were needed.  this time i was hoping the same thing wouldn't happen since i have been wanting to know the gender so bad!  well baby was pretty difficult again.  thank goodness we are friends with the ultrasound lady because she said we can stop in whenever and she will take a quick peek.  she did say that she is 90% sure the baby is a _____________.

i don't want to reveal until we know for sure.  maybe in a couple days we will go back in and see if this baby will stop being so modest/difficult. 
here are two of my favorite pictures from the visit today...
in this one the baby is looking right at us.
i think it's neat how it seems a little halloweenish with the see thru skin and bones.
and in this one the baby is on it's tummy in a stink bug pose with legs tucked under it.
i think the baby stayed on it's tummy most of the time.  during the last visit it stayed on it's back and even did a little headstand.
i think i could easily be entertained staring at that ultrasound machine all day long.
there is nothing quite as magical as watching the little life inside me move around.

x and t made my day

i had the pleasure of watching these little cuties for an entire day during the weekend.  their moms...my friends....drove from st. george to handle some business with the recent death of their father.  a very sad time for all.  when my friend amerest called to ask if i could watch them i gladly accepted.  although i've known both x and t since they were born, i haven't spent much time with them over the last couple years so i wasn't sure how they would adjust.  i'd say they had a lot of fun since they told their moms the next day that next time they go to aunt skye's they want to stay longer.....12 hours just wasn't enough. 

they were so sweet and funny.  will had a blast with them as much as i did.  we kept finding ourselves watching them do cute things or say cute things then we would look at each other and smile or if one of us noticed something we'd quietly point it out to the other.  
our day consisted of disney movies, coloring, going for walks, playing in the back yard, and the kids trying to get the kitties to sit still long enough to pet them.  
i missed x and t the next day.
i'm really excited we will be spending halloween with them! 


the unwanted house guest

now that the weather is cooling down a bit we tend to open the french doors in our room as we get ready for bed each night.  last night we did just that so we could get some fresh air.  we were procrastinating brushing our teeth so we sat on the bed talking for a little while.  i finally decided it was time to brush up so i get off the bed and take a step towards the bathroom when i notice something on the floor.  we have these leather rugs in the house that tend to shed so at first i just thought it was a piece of leather.  as i bent down to pick up the "leather" to my horror i noticed it wasn't that at all.  it was a tarantula!  i jumped up on the bed and in a panicked tone told will what was on the floor.  i am not a fan of spiders at all!  in fact i am so afraid that i get chills all over my body for at least 10 minutes after an encounter such as that.  will isn't crazy about spiders either but he is braver than me.  he picked up a shoe and began scooting the giant beast towards the open door.  at one point it crawled up on the shoe and will quickly dropped it while i screamed.  he finally got the furry monster outside and shut the door which we will NEVER leave open again.  it took me a good 15 minutes to finally get off the bed.  as the night continued on i went over the possible things that could have happened.  it could have crawled in bed with us.  i could have stepped on it barefoot during my middle of the night potty breaks.  it was very near my purse, it could have climbed in and gone for a trip with me to work.  all of the terrible scenarios wouldn't stop entering my mind and i actually lost sleep over it.  before we went to bed i had will search all over the room with a flashlight and promise me that he did in fact get that nasty critter outside.  i still can't get the initial image out of my mind and if i think about it too much i freak myself out.
*apparently i didn't have a problem with spiders when i was a little kid because i made this cute guy.

meeting jet

see this cute little dude....his name is jet.
oh and he isn't really little...he's a big boy, such an adorable big boy. 
we are good friends with his parents and we were delighted when they drove to town for a day last weekend.  we were able to spend quality time with chris and camille and meet jet in real life. 
i always love spending time with them because it is so comfortable like we have known each other our entire lives.
will and chris were friends since they were young kids and it is always cool to hear their wild childhood stories. 
i wasn't able to meet them until a few months before will and i got married but it was easy to see that we would all be great friends. 
chris and camille used to live in england and they recently moved to vegas which i cool because they are much closer to us. 

now to kind of change the subject...
you know how i'm a major fan of skeleton keys right? 
well this is the key that chris and camille used on their house in england. 
and guess what....
they gave it to me so i could add it to my collection!
such a cool thing for them to share with me and i will always cherish it.

side note....camille told me that i have to have a girl so her and jet can get married and we can all be one big happy family.  hopefully we will see if that is an option at some point this week! 


the best pizza

this is a post i have held onto for weeks because i couldn't really mention pregnancy related nausea and food aversions without spilling the baby beans so here it is now. 
in the beginning of the pregnancy i felt sick and yucky.  for a few solid weeks i was nauseated almost all day.  it was a real struggle to eat because nothing sounded good.
one day during those sick times i had a craving for homemade pizza from our friend matt.
matt makes the most delicious pizza. 
will mentioned my craving to matt, and being the nice guy he is he totally made me a pizza the next day.
it was the best.
turns out we are having a pizza date with matt's family at their house tonight.
i'm pretty excited.