harajuku mini ♥

 as some of you know i am pretty obsessed with gwen stefani.  i am a fan of her music, style, personality, clothing lines, everything really.  i even chose to wear a l.a.m.b dress as my wedding dress.  not long after i found out i was pregnant i discovered that gwen would be doing a baby/childrens clothing line with target called harajuku mini.  i can't imagine a more perfect time for her to release such a line.....i secretly think it was just for me.  haha.  so here are a few adorable outfits:
last night i actually had a dream about the harajuku mini clothes and rushing to the store to buy every outfit.  then i woke up this morning to discover that the lookbook was released online and i've been planning the items i will buy. 
i don't think i can describe how excited i am by this.
 my mom and will certainly understand how thrilled i am and they might think i'm a little crazy. 


  1. I of course instantly thought of you when I read about this line.

    I love that last one, Jess and I always say that about our kids, that they're so...(insert any of their many good qualities) because they were made with love.

  2. Plaid, plaid, plaid, love the plaid...it goes best with the bagpipes :)

  3. Ooh, ooh....I am excited to see your lintel all dressed up in Gwen inspired outfits!


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