what our weekend looked like

our weekend consisted of the following:
1. street drag races

2. a billion games of clue

3. homemade vegetable soup.

za husband was lucky enough to get us the fancy vip tickets to the street drags for free.  we were able to avoid some of the obnoxious crowds and sit in the special catered area which was nice.  anything car related is very exciting to will so it's fun to enjoy that with him and have him teach me things.

so maybe we didn't play a billion games of clue but we did play about 10-12 games and guess what....
i won every single game.  poor will was very close several times but i was just a little bit luckier or quicker.  i don't know if he's ever going to want to play clue with me anymore.   

the last few sundays we've been cooking a nice time consuming meal together which proves to be fun and yummy.  i decided since we finally made it to the lovely month of october, soup was a must. 


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