kitty panic

we rarely let the kitties in our room so when the door is closed and we are in there pellegrino meows at the door.
he usually only meows a couple times and then goes about his business.  last night was a different story.  he sat outside our bedroom door meowing as if something was seriously wrong and he wouldn't let up.  when we opened the door he kept up his cries so we knew something really was wrong.  we went to find houndstooth since she wasn't in sight.  we searched her usual hiding spots but couldn't find her, so we tried the usual tricks that get her to come out but she wouldn't appear.  eventually will went to the kitchen and opened the pantry, because they have been known to get closed up in there before.  guess what happened....houndstooth came running out.  i can't get over the fact that pellegrino knew she was in trouble and needed our help.  he wasn't going to give up until his sissy was free.  his anxiety went out the window as soon as he saw houndstooth come out of the pantry.  what a smart funny little kitty he is. 


  1. That is so sweet! Nothing like the bond between siblings!

  2. ^^^That's what I was gonna say! :) Too sweet. I love it when our children are geniuses.

  3. That's such a cute story!!! Mia's kitty Lovey did something kinda similar. Lovey kept meowing and following us around until we were following her while she kept on meowing. She lead us to her bowl of water which was a little dirty because some cat food had gotton in it. After we fixed it for her and got her clean water she was happy!! Lovey's food and water are pretty important to her. :) See....kitties are smart too huh? :)


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