i said in a previous post i was planning on posting things in order but i guess that isn't the case.  truth is i might not get all the fable and olive things posted for months but i still intend to document them as much as i did ever.
fable and olive had another appointment with the doctor today to make sure they are gaining weight as they should be.  both little 2 week olds are 2 ounces above their birth weight so that is great.
i noticed it looks like i'm going to drop fable but i assure you she was comfy and not in danger.  
we are sleep deprived and i feel mostly haggard these days.  these pictures aren't my favorite of me but i love to see our family of five all in one shot. 

we stopped to get a picture of the girls by my dads memorial brick.  i did the same thing with ever when she was teeny tiny.

i love how will happened to be wearing a pink shirt on his outing with all his ladies....appropriate.

i had these two in matching outfits for the first time today....the seahorse outfit fable is wearing.  right before we rushed out of the house running late olive spit up all over herself so there went the matching clothes.  i just noticed fable has an impressive elvis lip going on in this picture.....she gets that from me.  


a busy day for the 5 of us

on tuesday fable and olive turned a week old.  it was also the first time that we left the house as a family of five.  fable and olive had their first pediatrician visit.  we also had to go to have their newborn screening at the hospital.  then i had a follow up appointment.  what an exhausting afternoon it was.  i still am in quite a bit of pain.  the pain from my c-section last time was nothing like this.  so that mixed with sleep deprivation made for an interesting afternoon.  luckily will and i both survived.  thank goodness my mom kept ever for most of the time we were there.  we were running late for each appointment.  there were diaper mishaps.  it was an adventure.  we were like a circus side show walking through the hospital.  i lost count of how many times we were stopped by strangers or people we know who work there.  we were asked a million questions like what are their names? are they identical?  how much did they weigh? when were they born?
the first few admirers were cute but after about 10 of them and the circumstances mentioned above i was done.  i also get very defensive and mother bearish like i did when ever was a newborn.  i don't want people touching my babies or getting too close and that may have been obvious although will said i did a pretty good job of not shooting too many laser beams from my eyes.  anyway here is some documentation of the day in pictures....   
i laughed at fable pulling on olive's diaper.

then i laughed when olive kept hitting fable in the face while she slept and it didn't phase her at all.  i guess they must have beat each other up a bunch in the womb.

after the exhausting outing we were happy to settle in at home.  i like how ever is marching around shirtless in the background.  

this is how i carried them when we were out and about.  will was concerned it was too much for me to carry until i reminded him that i carried this much and more inside of my body for 9 months.

sleeping beauties

thank goodness for my mom.  she has been extremely helpful in ever's adjustment and in giving will and i extra sanity.  it is hard balancing everything but luckily fable and olive are pretty mellow babies.  they are actually easier than ever was....hard to believe 2 are easier than 1 but it is true.  my mom has taken ever on all sorts of outings and kept a sense of normalcy for her in her changing world which makes me so happy.

ever looking at my mom's gold tooth that she refers to as a goldfish tooth.


the anticipation

so hard to believe these pictures were taken a week ago yesterday.  one thing i kept telling will with this pregnancy was that i wanted to really soak up every moment, especially the day they arrived and during our hospital stay.  i wanted every tiny thing documented. with ever i was so nervous about staying in the hospital for the first time in my life that i stressed myself out and didn't live in the moment or document things like i would have wanted.  i had regrets after she was born about that.  my hospital stay with her turned out to be wonderful.  i had great nurses that put me at ease and there was nothing to worry about so this time i was determined to not stress.  the hardest part this time was being away from ever for two nights.  i had never been away from her like that so it kind of consumed my thoughts and made me emotional but when it came down to us leaving for the hospital at 5am on september 16th i really worked at focusing on the moment.
as we got ready ever woke up.  she must have sensed the excitement in the air.  i actually had a feeling she would wake up and she did around 4am....wide awake.....chatting about all sorts of things and being ridiculously cute.  
i can't explain how i was feeling in this moment.  i've always been in love with the anticipation of things to come.  for example christmas eve has always been amazing to me....those hours or minutes before any big event are magical.  this was the ultimate christmas eve and my 3 hours of sleep broken up by multiple potty breaks proved that.  like last time i was super thirsty since i couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight.  i didn't think i'd care about eating anything but i actually felt nauseated like i did often in this pregnancy if i hadn't eaten. 
in our true fashion we were running late.  we were supposed to be at the hospital by 5:15am.  ever was still awake when we left the house....now she was excited that yaya and papa kit were there.  i thought saying goodbye to her as she was awake would be hard but it was a happy moment.  as i got ready that morning she came to lay in our bed and she asked me if i wanted to cuddle up next to her.  i told her yes i did but i had to get ready.  she asked "oh you going to the doctor?" and i told her i was. i also told her she would soon be able to meet her baby sisters.  i'm not sure she fully understood what that meant but she seemed happy about it.  on the drive to the hospital will and i kept saying how weird it was that we were hours away from meeting our new girls and becoming a family of five.
i did have some nervous energy on the drive but as soon as we got to the hospital and i got hooked up to a monitor i started to feel peaceful.  i was relieved one of my favorite nurses from last time was the one to come in and get us prepared for all that was about to take place.  she asked me if i knew i was having contractions.  i didn't have contractions at all with ever so i wasn't exactly sure if i knew what they were but near the end of this pregnancy i thought i noticed some every once in a while.  according to the monitor i was now having them regularly about every two minutes.  once she pointed them out i recognized them.  good thing the babies were scheduled to come out that day because it seems as though they finally wanted out.  a few nights ago i actually told will i missed the contractions.  i missed watching the number climb on the machine as i felt the tightening sensations....strange but true.   
a few days after the babies were born i told will that as i was hunched over getting the spinal block in the operating room (something that wasn't entirely pleasant last time that i was sort of dreading) i stayed focused on the print on my gown.  i just kept thinking....they look like smiley faces...i'm fine.  and i really was fine because i had the most amazing anesthesiologist.  he made sure i didn't experience any of the unpleasant things i did last time.  
 will was my rock the entire time like he always is as i tend to be the nervous emotional one.  at this point though we switched roles.  i was totally calm and he was starting to get nervous about me going under the knife.  he also had happy nerves about meeting our little ladies.  i was just in the zone and feeling a bit relieved that my body didn't have to carry two humans any longer.  i never thought i'd miss it since it was challenging but in some ways i already miss being pregnant.  
things were about to get real as soon as will got suited up.
at this point i remember feeling tugging sensations and knowing we were about to meet fable and olive.  it seemed slightly like an out of body experience for me in a fascinating way.  i think a minute or two went by after will took this picture and we heard cries from our newest beauties....it all happened so fast.  


a family of 5

i was going to share a couple of my most favorite videos taken after the babies were born but the files are too big to share on here and i don't have a clue how to edit them.  one of the videos is of ever meeting her sisters the other was the video of will hitting the lullaby button, which is heard all over the hospital, two times in a row to signify the birth of the twins.  when i realized those videos wouldn't upload i tried to decide which pictures and stories to share next.  i picked out a few sweet pictures to share and maybe from here on out i'll start at the beginning and post a little bit each day in order as the events unfolded.....we'll see.  i really want to document every moment that i can.
room 207 will always hold a special place in my heart.  it is the room i stayed in after the birth of each of my daughters.  i was actually thrilled to end up in that same room that i stayed in with ever.

the first time i really got to hold them which was pure magic and confusion.  i kept asking will over and over who was who and how big they were and which one came out first.  i think he wondered if i'd ever get it right that first day.  fable has the hat on so olive is on the left.

my mom didn't get to be as involved as she was during ever's birth and first few days because she was with ever the entire time.  i wanted her in on the delivery again but i felt even better knowing she was with ever because i knew ever wouldn't be missing me as much since she loves her yaya something fierce.

you know how i mentioned {the connection} with ever being delayed.  just like i've come to realize every pregnancy is different and every birth is different, so is the connection.  i really worried that i wouldn't feel love for these babies like i do for ever.  the days before their birth i cried about that concern and i cried because i was so worried about how much i'd miss ever.  i did miss ever a bunch but i think it was even harder for will to be away from her while we were in the hospital.  my focus shifted so easily to fable and olive.  i felt such a bond with them right away.  what was the best was when ever would visit and sit next to me on the bed while i held fable and olive.  three girls who have such a special place in my heart.     

the morning we were getting ready to go home from the hospital.  i was so happy to rush out of there and have our little family of five under the same roof.  will and i with the help of one of our favorite nurses started the go home process the night before we were released.  it's funny how much more important it becomes to go home when a huge chunk of your heart is there waiting for you.  our nights away from ever confirmed one thing....will and i are never going to be the kind of parents that want to take vacations sans children.  we are obsessed with our now three babies.  i'm so glad we feel the same level of obsession.  will is such a wonderful dad and watching him with the two newest makes my heart happy.

pretty sure i have olive in this picture.  i tried my hardest to make sure i was getting an equal amount of pictures with each baby....not an easy task.  i'll likely drive myself crazy trying to keep things equal.

fable and olive.  they have had their heads together from the beginning and they are happiest that way now as well....it is adorable to witness the two of them together and i'm sure as they get older i'll continue to be amazed by their bond.

fable on the left, olive on the right.  it is sometimes still hard to believe we have two new babies but at the same time it feels so right to have them here.  i couldn't imagine it any other way.


fable and olive arrived...

in the morning on september 16th 2014.
meeting them for the first time...olive on the left, fable on the right.

this is how they were in the womb....heads together.
they are also happiest this way on the outside.

we brought the girls home yesterday. 
this is olive (baby b) she weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces and was 18.5 inches long.  usually baby a comes out first but olive made her way into the world first at 7:28am.

this is fable (baby a) she weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 inches long.  she made her way into the world at 7:29am.

i have so many pictures, videos, and stories that i can't wait to share when i have time.  we are so in love with our newest family members.  we are also very exhausted.....stay tuned.

naming the twins (part 2)

start with part one of naming the twins {here} if you haven't seen that post yet.

as i previously mentioned there was a name that seemed to fit right away and that was...
it was on the vintage list like we wanted.  will instantly loved it.  i hesitated merely because it has become more popular in recent days and i prefer less popular names.
the other thing i like about naming is having a story or meaning behind the name.  when i looked up olive it said the meanings behind it were peace and success.  having a name associated with peace and success sounds good to me.

 the other baby was very close to being given another name....a name that was on the same vintage list as olive and ever.  that changed when one of the baby name websites i had been looking at had names listed based on the name of a sibling. one of the names suggested to go with ever was fable.  i remember seeing the name early on in the pregnancy once but it didn't really click, in fact i had considered some of the other suggestions that were similar.  the second time i saw the name it was different experience.  although it wasn't on the vintage list like the other name we were leaning towards it just seemed to fit when i saw it the second time around and discussed it with will.  so the other name we decided on was...
when i read the meaning behind fable it really connected for me....enchanted tale telling with a moral edge.  i remember as a child being very impressed by aesop's fables.  

like i mentioned in part one of naming the twins i wanted one baby to be named after my mom and one to be named after my dad in a round about way.  here is how i came up with middle names.  fable's middle name came to me when reading to ever one night.  i decided rouge (french for red) would be her middle name because it would signify my mom's red hair and a certain elegance.  an added bonus is that my beloved {brulĂ©} who is no longer with us was considered a redhead in the husky world.  

it was much harder for me to come up with a middle name for olive that would signify my dad.  one day though like magic i came across the name reverie and fell in love with the meaning (an ethereal dream like state, to daydream).  instantly i felt that would be the way to signify my dad for a couple reasons.  my dad was what i consider an ultimate optimistic dreamer so i felt that described part of who he is.  also i've had multiple dreams about my dad during this pregnancy that always spoke to my soul.  

so that is how we named fable rouge and olive reverie.  


super husband

it is about time i write a post about this guy.  our blog has evolved over the years.  first it was about our newlywed adventures, then it was about ever, it'll soon be about a family of 5 with the addition of the twins.  it's been a long while since i was mushy about will so this is due.
*side note* one of my favorite recent pictures of will even if he looks kind of cranky.  i love his handsomeness and the old hollywood vibe from the black and white picture with cool lighting.

i haven't been the easiest person to deal with this pregnancy especially during the beginning when i was super sick then again around 24 weeks when things began to get more physically challenging.  i try not to complain too much but there are times i can't help it.....especially at night when the day has taken its toll on me.  the last couple weeks i have moments in the middle of the night when i just want to cry because i'm in pain and i can't sleep.  all along this journey will has been so good to me.  he's been so patient and helpful and encouraging.  after a busy day at work he comes home and gets ever out of the house so i can have quiet time to myself.  then before going to bed he'll pick up the messes from the day or do laundry or load the dishwasher.  i have felt bad that i haven't been able to keep up with things like i'd like to but will always assures me i'm doing a more important job of keeping these babies in and healthy.  i doubt i'd have made it so far with this pregnancy if it wasn't for all of will's help.  he would leave me uplifting notes some days when he could tell i was down in the dumps and remind me to relax as much as i could.  there were weekends he would take the pager for some of the guys he works with to get us a little extra money that has been needed to prepare for our two new additions.  he's done all these things with a good attitude and constant compassion for me even when i get cranky.  i feel so fortunate to have this amazing husband of mine.  i often think how wonderful it is that our girls are going to grow up with such a great example of a man.  


a few more everisms

funny things that ever has said during the last week...

*i was trying to clean out her nose when she said "i meed to keep my boogers safe!"
(i laughed and couldn't argue with that cute statement. also i love how she always says meed instead of need.)

*she was playing outside and we told her to come back around the house where we could see her.  her response "don't worry guys, i'm right here!"

*she's been doing this thing lately where she shakes her head while walking around then says "i'm jiggling"  i have no idea where she came up with that but it always makes me laugh.

*yaya recently got a gold crown on her tooth and she showed it to ever.  ever was fascinated and assumed everyone had gold teeth in their mouth.  she kept prying my mouth open and saying "let me see your goldfish teeth." 


37 weeks with the twins, rain, and foggy adventures

 months ago i had two dreams that the babies were born at 37 weeks.  in one dream they were born on september 8th.  so yesterday i kept wondering if my dream would come true....it obviously didn't.  i documented my appointment yesterday just in case it was the last one.  tomorrow is for sure my last appointment before they arrive whether they arrive a few days early or on the date they are scheduled.  for some reason i can't imagine them waiting to arrive on their scheduled date but maybe they'll do just that.  

as you'll see in the following pictures ever was thrilled to be in her rainy nature element with yaya while waiting for me to finish up with the doctor.

i needed a belly picture taken to document the size of this thing.  below you'll see a comparison of my 37 week pregnant belly with ever and then the twins.  although i can certainly feel a difference based on how uncomfortable i am i never would have realized the size difference without seeing those pictures side by side.

will looks super cranky in this picture but he wasn't.  i still had to post it because both will and i noticed that ever looks like max from where the wild things are the way she is standing.  she kind of is like max.

she was pulling on will because she was in a hurry to get to the cafeteria for a snack.
there was a day in september of 2009 that will and i went exploring up in the hualapais when it was rainy and foggy.  we always talk about how fun that spontaneous trip to the mountains was so we decided to recreate it since the weather was very similar yesterday.  although this time i wasn't getting out of the car to explore, it was still fun and it was kind of like a miniature date since ever took a nap while we were up there.
we decided we want to live in the clouds.

 there were little signs of fall in the mountains.  small clusters of leaves were changing and it was only 64 degrees.  pure magic if you ask us.

 luckily ever was awake for our deer sighting, she wanted to go pet them.

 when we got home ever insisted on wearing her new halloween pajamas to play in the rain.  she started by dunking her head in the water then next thing i know she laying down in the water on her belly saying i'm a mermaid.  she really is so intrigued by water and loves playing in it.  she loves thunder and rain and stormy craziness.

37 weeks pregnant with ever on the left and 37 weeks pregnant with the twins on the right.  i remember feeling huge when i was pregnant with ever but that was nothing to compare with now.  i am absolutely amazed by my body, especially this time around.