hectic days make for great nights

yesterday our schedule was messed up like it usually is when i have to be at the doctors office, and it turned out to be a really good thing.  i had the task of getting us ready and out the door in time for my second appointment of the week.  not an easy task at all.  i have to take breaks from standing often or i start to feel nauseated.  i've noticed ever could be totally content playing or watching a show until she knows i'm getting ready to go somewhere.  she turns the naughty up to level 9000.  as i was in the shower she pulled everything out of will's dresser.  then at one point i heard her pushing a chair around the kitchen which i knew meant trouble.  she had climbed up on the chair and started playing with things from the counter that she shouldn't have.  she just would not listen or cooperate no matter what i tried.  she dumped out all the contents of a trash can and when she refused to pick up the mess i put her in time out which she didn't enjoy.  by the time noon hit i was feeling so frustrated and in pain from being on my feet.  luckily will came home to drive us to the appointment and get ever dressed.  part of the reason she was being so naughty is because she missed her nap time which is always the case on the days i have appointments.  everything got better after another good appointment and ever having some fun time with yaya.  then will was off work and we went home and the three of us piled into our bed for a late afternoon nap.  we slept good and the rest of the evening was enjoyable.  ever always sleeps better at night when she has a nap during that day....even if it is a late nap.  we decided to go ahead and let her stay up late with us since she took her late nap.  she climbed in bed with us and watched american pickers.  i laughed at funny things she said.  she told me how much she loved me and herself and all other members of the family.  it was another sweet moment with ever that i savored since things will soon be different around here.  i've noticed that sometimes the most frustrating days have the best endings and sometimes letting bed times slide is a good idea.
*taken by bobbie a few days ago when she stopped by*

yesterday morning ever was playing with pooh, snow white, and eeyore (she calls him seahorse because she really thinks that is his name).  
she kept hugging them and telling each one it was her favorite.  
she also played doctor with them....checking their bellies with headphones.  i wouldn't be surprised one bit if she told us she wants to be a doctor when she grows up because my appointments have left quite an impression on her.  
the other day she said...."i love dr. taylor, i need to go see what he's up to."
she would be happy if i had appointments every single day.

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  1. Ever is soo adorable! I love all of the cute little things she says and does! :)


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