a few more everisms

funny things that ever has said during the last week...

*i was trying to clean out her nose when she said "i meed to keep my boogers safe!"
(i laughed and couldn't argue with that cute statement. also i love how she always says meed instead of need.)

*she was playing outside and we told her to come back around the house where we could see her.  her response "don't worry guys, i'm right here!"

*she's been doing this thing lately where she shakes her head while walking around then says "i'm jiggling"  i have no idea where she came up with that but it always makes me laugh.

*yaya recently got a gold crown on her tooth and she showed it to ever.  ever was fascinated and assumed everyone had gold teeth in their mouth.  she kept prying my mouth open and saying "let me see your goldfish teeth." 

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