emotional about ever and twin pregnancy update

lately i've been pretty emotional about how the days are numbered that it is just ever and i.  i don't want to be away from her while in the hospital.  i don't want her to feel like her whole world is being turned upside down with the arrival of her sisters.  i'm probably more worked up about it than she will be but that isn't surprising as dealing with change is not something i'm great at.  chances are she will impress me with the transition as she impresses me in so many other ways.    
i even let her play with some of my makeup the other night because i feel the need to spoil her in any way i can these days.
plus she was saying extra cute things while playing with it so i couldn't stop her.
over the weekend was our family reunion.  i was sad to have missed most of it.  will and i did venture up to the mountains saturday night to pick up ever and spend some time with everyone.  we stayed for about an hour for the movie/popcorn time but my feet were so puffy and i was so uncomfortable that i finally had to leave although i didn't want to. 
my mom sent me the following pictures from the day.  ever has recently taken a major interest in brandon. it is so cute to listen to how she converses with him and watch her boss him around (just like i used to boss him around).  i love all the expressions she has in these pictures
see those play scissors ever has in her hands.  she told me she was going to cut the babies out with those.  obviously ever was paying attention when my mom explained my csection and hospital stay to her.  she keeps saying things to me about coming to the hospital to see the babies and they'll poop and pee and cry.  thanks mom.  even when we think ever isn't paying attention she shocks us days or weeks later repeating things we've talked about.

just some ever sweetness

she took apart a small lamp in our room and kept singing happy birthday to the light....pretending it was candles on a cake.
sunday i hit a milestone in my pregnancy i've been wishing for all along....36 weeks.  i am so thankful for that and happy that things have gone really well health wise for me and the babies.  now that i made it to that milestone i'm thinking these girls are going to be stubborn and stay put until the end.  about the same time i hit 36 weeks i also became extremely uncomfortable....i mean it hasn't been a picnic for quite some time now but i am miserable now.  it is hard to do anything at all.  i'm so puffy.  i try not to complain constantly but often i'm in pain and exhausted.  i haven't slept well at all recently and i had a cough/cold/earache type thing all last week that is finally clearing up although not completely gone.
usually my mom or will drive me to my doctor appointments since it is nearly impossible to drive.  i have to adjust the seat a bunch so my belly doesn't touch the steering wheel and then i can barely reach the pedals.
see what i mean. 
so basically to sum it up part of me is very ready to get these babies out.  the other part of me isn't ready.  there are still several things i'd like to get done around the house before they arrive.  even more than that though i'm not sure i'm emotionally ready to see ever go from only child to big sister.  

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  1. Ever is going to be the best big sister! You are going to love watching the interactions between these little lives you and Will created! Just wait, your magic is about to get 2 times more magical!!


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