37 weeks with the twins, rain, and foggy adventures

 months ago i had two dreams that the babies were born at 37 weeks.  in one dream they were born on september 8th.  so yesterday i kept wondering if my dream would come true....it obviously didn't.  i documented my appointment yesterday just in case it was the last one.  tomorrow is for sure my last appointment before they arrive whether they arrive a few days early or on the date they are scheduled.  for some reason i can't imagine them waiting to arrive on their scheduled date but maybe they'll do just that.  

as you'll see in the following pictures ever was thrilled to be in her rainy nature element with yaya while waiting for me to finish up with the doctor.

i needed a belly picture taken to document the size of this thing.  below you'll see a comparison of my 37 week pregnant belly with ever and then the twins.  although i can certainly feel a difference based on how uncomfortable i am i never would have realized the size difference without seeing those pictures side by side.

will looks super cranky in this picture but he wasn't.  i still had to post it because both will and i noticed that ever looks like max from where the wild things are the way she is standing.  she kind of is like max.

she was pulling on will because she was in a hurry to get to the cafeteria for a snack.
there was a day in september of 2009 that will and i went exploring up in the hualapais when it was rainy and foggy.  we always talk about how fun that spontaneous trip to the mountains was so we decided to recreate it since the weather was very similar yesterday.  although this time i wasn't getting out of the car to explore, it was still fun and it was kind of like a miniature date since ever took a nap while we were up there.
we decided we want to live in the clouds.

 there were little signs of fall in the mountains.  small clusters of leaves were changing and it was only 64 degrees.  pure magic if you ask us.

 luckily ever was awake for our deer sighting, she wanted to go pet them.

 when we got home ever insisted on wearing her new halloween pajamas to play in the rain.  she started by dunking her head in the water then next thing i know she laying down in the water on her belly saying i'm a mermaid.  she really is so intrigued by water and loves playing in it.  she loves thunder and rain and stormy craziness.

37 weeks pregnant with ever on the left and 37 weeks pregnant with the twins on the right.  i remember feeling huge when i was pregnant with ever but that was nothing to compare with now.  i am absolutely amazed by my body, especially this time around.

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