a busy day for the 5 of us

on tuesday fable and olive turned a week old.  it was also the first time that we left the house as a family of five.  fable and olive had their first pediatrician visit.  we also had to go to have their newborn screening at the hospital.  then i had a follow up appointment.  what an exhausting afternoon it was.  i still am in quite a bit of pain.  the pain from my c-section last time was nothing like this.  so that mixed with sleep deprivation made for an interesting afternoon.  luckily will and i both survived.  thank goodness my mom kept ever for most of the time we were there.  we were running late for each appointment.  there were diaper mishaps.  it was an adventure.  we were like a circus side show walking through the hospital.  i lost count of how many times we were stopped by strangers or people we know who work there.  we were asked a million questions like what are their names? are they identical?  how much did they weigh? when were they born?
the first few admirers were cute but after about 10 of them and the circumstances mentioned above i was done.  i also get very defensive and mother bearish like i did when ever was a newborn.  i don't want people touching my babies or getting too close and that may have been obvious although will said i did a pretty good job of not shooting too many laser beams from my eyes.  anyway here is some documentation of the day in pictures....   
i laughed at fable pulling on olive's diaper.

then i laughed when olive kept hitting fable in the face while she slept and it didn't phase her at all.  i guess they must have beat each other up a bunch in the womb.

after the exhausting outing we were happy to settle in at home.  i like how ever is marching around shirtless in the background.  

this is how i carried them when we were out and about.  will was concerned it was too much for me to carry until i reminded him that i carried this much and more inside of my body for 9 months.

sleeping beauties

thank goodness for my mom.  she has been extremely helpful in ever's adjustment and in giving will and i extra sanity.  it is hard balancing everything but luckily fable and olive are pretty mellow babies.  they are actually easier than ever was....hard to believe 2 are easier than 1 but it is true.  my mom has taken ever on all sorts of outings and kept a sense of normalcy for her in her changing world which makes me so happy.

ever looking at my mom's gold tooth that she refers to as a goldfish tooth.


  1. Such a cute post!! I love the pictures of the twins and the pictures of Ever with your mom!! :)

  2. I love that picture of you holding both babes. So sweet :)


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