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portrait a week 2/52
running to the car so she can go to church with yaya.

i seem to have misplaced my camera (ever probably took it...she usually does)
so for now phone pictures are as good as it gets.


i really enjoyed the portrait a week thing i did last year because it was so fun to watch ever's progression week by week.  it is not until i look back that i realize just how much she changed over the year.  
so for 2014 here is week 1/52.
ever happily pouring water and splashing around in the bath while i admired her mega lashes.


thoughts into actions

during 2013 there were moments i always want to remember and some i want to forget.  i don't think any year can be summed up as good or bad.  there are years of my life that stand out as better ones or worse ones but amongst the bad there is always good and vice versa.  most of the time when a year stands out as better it was when i worked harder to make that way.  when i worked towards goals and achieved them.  when i stayed optimistic (something that typically isn't easy for me).  sometimes i think it is silly how much emphasis is put on a new year and making goals yet there isn't that same enthusiasm as the year goes on.....that very thing tends to keep me from wanting to follow the crowd and make resolutions.

a few days ago i made a point to write down the things i'd like to work on and achieve this year.  although it seems so cliche i've found that when i write my goals down i really do have more success with them.  especially when i make a point to revisit them and track my progress.  i told will that one year stands out in particular where i worked towards changing things in my life and as soon as i worked hard on one of the goals the others fell into place quite easily.  i hope the same happens this year.  i tried to think of a phrase to keep in my mind when working towards my goals for the year and the thing that stuck was....

turn thoughts into actions.  

it is easy to think about things i'd like to change or wish for things to be different but until i act on my thoughts it simply will not happen no matter how much i wish it would.  
i might share my goals another day.  i'm not sure if i want to.  i shared them with will and he shared his with me and that might be all the sharing that happens.

in this picture you see my journal [from here], ever's journal i keep for her (she contributes in the form of artistic scribbles), the journal i started for will on our anniversary in november [other journals from target].  he has a matching one he keeps for me.  we try to write a little short and sweet snippet every day and on our next anniversary we are going to exchange them.  we sort of failed at writing every day for the month of december but one of our goals is to get back on track in the new year, so we are.  
can you tell i'm passionate about the written word?
happy 2014 ♥