the day olive and fable were born

last night will reminded me of footage i completely forgot we had and i put together this little video.  some of it has been seen before...some of it hasn't....all of it is very special to us.



from my heart to yours

i needed a pep talk so i gave myself one.  if you need a pep talk check out our latest youtube video.....

also, i hope you enjoy the footage of 27 year old me.

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3 months old and our first date

when i have more time i'll do a proper post about fable and olive turning 3 months old yesterday but for now enjoy this cute video of them and many other things. 

my version of baymax

a couple weeks ago we finally took ever to see big hero 6.  she loved it.  i loved it.  will loved it.  as soon as we got home i started working on this painting because i felt inspired.  if you like my version of baymax you are in luck because i'll be having prints made very soon to sell on {etsy}.  


never a dull moment

just bits and pieces from a day in our lives.  i really love ever's movie review at the end of the video.  i'm not thrilled about our shower fiasco but it'll be great to show you the finished product when we get it all patched up because we have a pretty good idea for the new shelf.



i'm so glad i just happened to be recording as we played outside the other day because i captured some priceless moments.  ever calls leaves "beleaves" as you'll see in this video.  you'll also find out what she thinks is sick.  we are posting a video every day during the month of december over on our {youtube channel}.  please subscribe and enjoy the cute moments.


2 month olds

these pictures we taken on november 16th when olive and fable turned two months.  
the greatest thing about the two month mark is how much they started smiling and sometimes giggling at us....especially olive.  she has always been full of smiles from the day she was born whether awake or sleeping.  fable tends to be more serious but she has even shared plenty of gummy smiles with us.  we love them and their gummy smiles way too much.

olive reverie

fable rouge

1 month olds

 i hate that i'm so behind on things but being a mom to twins and an energetic toddler doesn't leave time for much of anything....especially blogging.  
these pictures were taken on october 16th when fable and olive turned a month old.  it is crazy how much they've grown since these were taken.  these girls are very different in so many ways and i love that about them.  i feel like all of these pictures could have a funny caption to go with them since it looks like the girls are having conversations.  they do enjoy communicating with each other.  

fable my serious girl

olive my smiley girl

*oh and the black paint on their hands is from a little halloween craft we did.