what her last video did

apparently ever's last video caused quite a ruckus in many homes.  my friend brandi said her little guy cason was worried about ever and wanted to know what was wrong.  
my friend camille sent me a video of her little guy jet responding to ever when she played the sassy talk video.

then my cousin lisa sent me this video of her kitty luna going bonkers when she heard the video.

i absolutely enjoyed the videos that were sent my way showing reactions to our wild girl so i had to share them.


sassy talk

as previously mentioned here is ever's sassy talking/screaming thing she does.  
we think it is pretty funny.
she does this very often and it usually has nothing to do with her being genuinely upset.  it is just how she is....our wild animal.


sweet talk

this is a regular thing for the past few weeks now.  
she does this cute little talking thing and even has facial expressions such as lifted eyebrows or flared nostrils to add emphasis at certain parts.  
next i'll share her sassy talk.  that tends to happen more than the sweet talk.

her first road trip

on july 21st we took ever on her very first road trip to flagstaff.  i was nervous about our excursion considering that 90% of the time she's in the car she is crying.  luckily we timed things just right and she slept the entire way there and the entire way home.  it was really great considering she usually just takes power naps that last all of 20 or 30 minutes.  my mom and brandon came with us.  we dined at one of our favorite places....pita jungle.  we did a little shopping.  ever was an angel almost the entire time minus a little meltdown while shopping.  it was so nice to get away for the day and enjoy some time with our little love and to know that we actually can take her places without it being super stressful.  


will and ever rocking out

will might get embarrassed that i'm sharing this since he's kind of dancing but too bad.  it is one of my favorite videos of him and ever.  this was taken when she was about 6 weeks old. 


my first classic car

yesterday i became the owner of my first classic car.
a 1965 buick riviera.
it is kind of a big deal to me.
two years ago i wrote this post.
i never really thought i would own this car but it was one of those moments in life where everything just worked out and it was meant to be.
once we have time to really clean the car up and do a few minor things to it i'll take better pictures and share them.  
this evening we had this car and our other vehicle out because we met up to get the title put in my name.  as we were getting ready to head home we noticed some rather ominous clouds in the direction of our house.  i decided i'd be brave and drive this beast even if it did start storming, although i was nervous since it is foreign to me.  will followed me just in case something crazy happened.  i felt so grown up driving my very own new/old car home.  that was until the rain came pouring down and i couldn't figure out the windshield wipers.  i was slightly nervous but luckily made it home without incident despite zero use of windshield wipers in a sudden downpour.  
so here is the new addition to our family and more on it later.


ever and steinway

my mom came by with steinway today after finishing up at her vet visit.  it was the first time for ever and steinway to really meet.  the big fluffy girl didn't really seem to be too interested in the baby until ever made some of her signature loud squeaky sounds....then steinway looked at her a little different and wondered what she was.  i decided it would be a perfect time for a little photo shoot of the two beauties but since a wiggly baby and dog are hard to photograph this is what i ended up with.  my vision of perfect backgrounds and equally perfect poses didn't really happen, but i still love all of the billions of pictures i got of these two....

i love how steinway is looking at her in this one

ever's favorite thing.....riding on steinway's back.....


the day ever was blessed

well i'm just going back a few months with this post.  
on may 6th we had ever blessed at church.
she was just 4 days over 1 month old and so tiny.
looking back at these i get a little sad because i miss the tiny version of her.  
i can't help but laugh at myself in the pictures.  when our rescued mama kitty had her babies we always talked about how exhausted and disheveled she looked for the months following their birth.  now we call my post ever's birth pictures my mama kitty pictures because i have that same exhausted disheveled appearance.
it's better to just laugh about it.  
we had dr. taylor bless her.  he has been our friend for quite some time and he was the doctor who delivered ever.  basically we would have been lost without him during the last year.  he's totally been there for us in more ways than one.  her blessing day was lovely.  i saved the details for her baby book but i've been meaning to share pictures from this day for ages so here they are.....  

remember the dress fiasco.....luckily our friend dona is a seamstress extraordinaire.  she made ever's blessing dress after discovering that my dress wasn't salvageable.  she added sweet details to it so that it would resemble my dress. 
i laugh every single time at this picture.  us smiling and pretending everything is great while ever screams with wild fists of rage.
yeah she was hungry.

i love how her and brandon have the same expression.

brandon doing the lion king pose.

and now here are a billion pictures of our girl being her expressive self in her sweet dress: