strange sunday

i was not a major fan of today. 
it started out really great but then one thing after the next happened that made me sad.
first sad event...
houndstooth disappeared for the entire day.  usually we let her and pellegrino out to play in the backyard when we are home and they stay in the yard for the most part.  they might venture to a neighbors yard for a few minutes but almost always come home when called and never stay out of sight for more than a few minutes.  both pellegrino and houndstooth went missing today and after a couple stressful hours pells came home but no sign of houndsie. 
we drove around looking for her. 
will rode his bike looking for her. 
we tried all sorts of tricks. 
contacted neighbors.
as it began to get dark i went into major panic mode and cried a bunch. 
i just assumed the worst because it was so unlike her to be gone like that. 
as pellegrino was becoming extra clingy and whiney this evening all of my hopes of her returning began to fade away.  next thing we know....she shows up!  
we cried happy tears and gave her ten billion hugs. 
then she snuggled up on will's lap and purred like crazy.

second sad event...
i recently managed to find the dress i wore to the temple as a baby when i was sealed to my parents. 
my plan was to have baby e wear this when she is blessed. 
it was sort of stained and rough looking so i put it on a gentle cycle in the washer and it came out like this.
one entire sleeve completely shredded.
maybe with some modifications it can be fixed but i was really upset that it came out of the washer like this.
i guess i should have expected it to be a little more fragile considering it is over 30 years old.
third sad event...
when admiring my tiny ecosphere i discovered that one of the 4 shrimp had died. 
not that i was extremely attached to each little shrimp but still i felt a bit of sadness.

at least all my nervous sad weird energy enabled me to be productive...

i did what seemed like 50 loads of baby laundry and got a bunch of stuff organized in her closet. 
also over the weekend we got e's pack n play put together.  
pellegrino thinks it is his.
kind of like he thinks all the baby items are his, but that is another story for another day.


  1. Aww, I wish I was a seamstress and could fix the dress for you, but I'm awful at clothes. :(

  2. Oh Skye, I nearly cried for you seeing the dress. So sorry that happened! Glad your kitty made it home safe :) Good thing you started the laundry, I'm sure after your baby shower you will have 50 more loads! Hope your week is much better!

  3. It's hard when one sad thing seems to happen right after another. At least you have a beautiful baby to look forward to!!


  4. I don't think Houndsie can ever go outside again...she needs to stay in :)

  5. Your kitty is getting to adventurous! we keep ours in for that reason. Too much crying and being upset when she was most likely near by watching as you guys fretted over her.
    Your poor dress. Maybe you could have new sleeves put on and hankies made out of the old ones.

  6. I too am heart broken about the dress but I think you can alter the sleeves.. maybe replace a panel down the middle of each sleeve with some pretty lace? I could help you..


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