pregnancy and food

people keep asking if i have had odd food cravings and i really haven't.
first trimester all i wanted to eat was anything that didn't make me feel nauseated but it was challenging because almost everything made me feel nauseated.  i do remember living off of bananas (can't even stand to look at them now), taco bell bean burritos (still like them), and subway veggie sandwiches (haven't had one since).  smelling or seeing certain foods from the first trimester make me want to barf.  i can't even handle the smell of the perfumes, lotions, or deodorant i wore in the beginning.  i don't like certain songs i listened to then or movies i watched then.  it's really weird but i feel traumatized by most things involved with the first trimester and i think it is just because i didn't feel good then.
once i got past the sickness i have noticed i find a few foods i really want for a week or two straight then i move on to different items but nothing has been really rare for me...it's mainly stuff i loved before.
the only thing that has been out of the ordinary is i'm usually a vegetarian and i've had red meat a few times. 
the following items are ones this pregnant belly of mine really loves at the moment....
1.chocolate!  i'm thinking this baby girl is going to be just like her mom....a lover of chocolate. 
it's funny because in the beginning i didn't want chocolate at all and for anyone who knows me that is just strange, but once i hit the 2nd trimester i was all about chocolate again.
2.strawberries....i have been eating them almost every single day for a couple weeks now.
i'm obsessed.
i also went through a raspberry phase.
3. vegetarian corn dogs with lots of mustard.  these have been a top dinner choice as of late.  i even had them for breakfast once.
4.rice krispies with almond milk...no sugar added.
this is my go-to snack.  i don't want it in the morning but usually in the afternoon or evening.
my favorites aren't limited to these items but i've noticed these are the things i seem to be buying over and over during the past couple weeks.  it's kind of funny that we end up going to the store really often and we get the same little pile of groceries.  wondering what i'll be extremely fond of next week?

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