the time i sulked on valentine's day

i could write some mushy valentine's day post about how much i love will but he already knows how much i love him every single day....not just today....and i don't want to make anyone nauseated with some sugary sweet lovey dovey thing...i'll save that for a random day when i can catch everyone off guard.

instead i'll tell a different story that i feel is more important to be told on this day of love.
unfortunately i don't remember the details like i should because i never knew how significant and special this little story would become for me.  i wish i would have appreciated the moment much more but as we all know sometimes you don't realize how important a moment can be until the person attached to it is gone.  little did i know my dad would be departing from this earthly life not long after this took place.

once upon a time on valentine's day when i was about 19 or 20 years old i was seriously bummed about not having a valentine like most young girls tend to be on this day of great expectations.  i was at work and so was my dad but he had called and asked me to meet him outside of my office.  i was busy pouting all day and didn't even appreciate the fact that my dad took a break from his busy day to surprise me because i wanted a "real" valentine.....shame on me.  my dad handed me a card and kept encouraging me to open the card over my head but i wasn't being a good sport.  i can still picture him smiling and biting his tongue the way he did when he laughed and felt he was being extremely clever.  i can't remember if i did end up opening the card over my head or not but either way an explosion of confetti flew out once it was opened.  i wish i knew where that card was today.  i keep those sorts of things so i know it is somewhere in a box, most likely at my moms house.  i'm sure the card holds a short but sweet message my dad wrote in an attempt to brighten my day.  i now feel so foolish for sulking like i did but at the same time i feel very blessed to know that my dad was observant enough and cared enough to make a special effort just for me.   

happy valentine's day to all of you out there and remember....it's not worth it to pout if you don't have a valentine this year because at some point you'll have one.  or maybe the valentine you have isn't quite what you are hoping for but chances are that person loves you more than you can imagine.


  1. Love your blog! Great post and good reminder. I'm also pregnant and due this week actually. Enjoyed reading about your pregnancy moments :) New follower!

    Bennett Love

  2. I wish I would have known your Dad, he sounds like an amazing man! Love you Skye!


  3. Every girl needs a daddy like that! Your dad was wonderful!

  4. the confetti part is priceless


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