kewpie baby shower

this is abby....she is the person responsible for all of the cuteness at the baby shower.  she worked hard to make sure my special day was beautiful.  she put all of this together and i can't thank her enough, or the rest of the people who pitched in whether it was in a big or small way.
i felt loved.
marcy (left) and her mom diane made lots of delicious food and helped in other ways.  the food was seriously amazing!  those wraps pictured above were full of veggies, quinoa, and yummy cheese.  they were my favorite food at the party.
karen (middle) hosted the party at her house.  she cooked and cleaned and entertained...she's really good at all that stuff. 
i am not thrilled with my appearance these days so i requested pictures be kept to a minimum.  abby made an announcement before i opened presents that i didn't want pictures taken.  was that a rude thing to do?  i don't know, but i also don't really care because i've not pulled the....i'm pregnant hormonal and crazy card very much at all during the last eight months so i deserved to pull it that day.  plus i was dealing with a cold/ear infections so that meant i had all the more reason to be dramatic.
i still don't like 99% of the pictures taken that day but i knew i'd want this moment documented and would regret it if i didn't.
brandi proved her insane talent once again with the cutest handmade items....two patchwork owl pillows like the one pictured below with my mom among other magical things that i really wanted.

i know this baby girl in my belly is very loved because she received lots of wonderful gifts. 
i didn't want games played at the baby shower but the one activity i did want was for the guests to write a little note to our girl or us that we can share with her one of these days.  that was my most favorite part of the shower.  when i read the sweet, funny, wonderful things people wrote i was so happy!
spending time with people i don't see all that often was lovely too. 
i wish i would have gotten a few more pictures of all in attendance and the decorations but the day reminded me a lot of my wedding.  i felt like i wanted to talk to everyone and let them know it made my day they were there but it was very packed and hectic and busy so i felt more like i was being pulled in several directions without making any progress.  oh well....hopefully everyone could tell i was happy to have them there.

it was a special event for sure.

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  1. She IS loved! You got so much great stuff. I like the pic of us, even if I am doing a weird leg pushed forward pose like I think I'm on the red carpet or something. Ha. I think I was trying to seem like less of an amazon or something.


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