pellegrino's sand dollar

i'm on the couch reading a book while will watches one of his shows.  i hear a noise in the other room that sounds like someone is digging around in a paper bag.  earlier today i spent a bunch of time doing baby laundry and taking things out of e's closet that were stored in there.  one of the items i had moved out of her room into the office was this bag of sea shells from my trip to seattle in 2008.
i walk in the room to find pellegrino perched on a box furiously digging in the bag of shells.  he flung one giant shell out and then kept digging with more than half of his cute body in the bag.  once when he was a kitten i caught him with a small sand dollar he had taken off a shelf in the kitchen.  he seemed to really love that sand dollar but being the mean mom i am i wouldn't let him keep it. 

next thing i know he stops digging in the bag of shells and runs out of the room as fast as his little legs can carry him.  i figured he had snagged one of the shells because he seemed to run like he was guilty. 
i go to our bedroom and find him sitting on the bed with his prize next to him.
a sand dollar.
he kept looking around all nervous maybe because he thought houndstooth was going to come steal his prize. 
i didn't have the heart to take away the gem he worked so hard for.  instead i propped it up against him and took a bunch of pictures of the funny boy that keeps me laughing.

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