a knife and a moon

The evil knife strikes again........
But this time it released all it's rage and fury on Will.  Same scenario. He was washing it and it decided to cut him in the same exact spot as it cut me and it was a messy ordeal.
Will being the great husband that he is, has washed every knife in the house since my incident.  Now that he had an accident who is going to be the knife washer?
Apparently neither of us are good at such a task.

Good thing we can always count on Wall-E and Eve to make everything better.

In other news, Will and I were outside late last night to observe the beautiful bright moon and here are the pictures to document that moon in all it's glory.....
{without zoom in between power lines}
{a little zoom}
{more zoom}
{all the zoom i have}

There is nothing like a gorgeous moon on a dark cold night.



We spent the day doing this..............

Which made us feel like this...........

Yes, it was a day full of packing up boxes and shopping for appliances.
The silly thing is that as much as I kept working on packing I feel like I only got about 10% of the house packed.  If our paperwork for the new house doesn't take another ten billion years we will be moving within a week or so.  Our plan is to not move for a really long time after we get settled in the new house.  Packing and moving are on our list of least favorite things to do.  Can't wait to be done with this nonsense.....hopefully soon!


the artistic gene

I think I got some of my artistic talent from my dad. Not just the ability to create, but the ability to appreciate the beauty around me and be inspired by it. My dad was a big fan of nature, animals, mountains, scenery. He had a knack for truly appreciating those things. I tend to be very much like him in that way. I've really started to notice that in my artwork I gravitate towards making something that has to do with animals or outdoors because that is what inspires me most of the time. Thanks dad for passing on such a wonderful gift.

{leather art made by my dad}

[mixed media art made by me]

I named this piece after my dad and when it came time to sell this at my art show I couldn't part with it.  Inspired by a view of the Hualapai mountains on a rainy day.  A beautiful view I tried to capture with paper, ink, and wire.  A view that I know my dad would have soaked up deep in his soul had he been there to witness it.  


♥ for the sleepy guy

This is what I came home to...... 
Rough day honey?
Rather than pester him like I would usually do I decided to make dinner.

What did he wake up to?
my lemon basil pasta

What was his reaction?
He was pretty happy about the deliciousness.  Not so happy that I decided to put this picture on our blog but oh well.


time travel wishes

Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time to that simple kind of life when and I made art like this.....

Sometimes I wish I could travel forward in time to be cozy and nesting here....

Since I can't do either I better just learn to make the most of this moment in time.



Early on in our relationship I learned about how skilled Will is with ironing clothes.  I remember thinking he was a little strange for ironing his stuff mainly because I'm completely lazy about such things.  Anything of mine that requires so much TLC rarely gets worn......until now.  I am lucky enough to have a man that takes care of my wrinkled clothes.  Last night he busted out the steamer to un-wrinkle my shirt.  I sat in amazement as I watched him steam my shirt then his.  He taught me all about this invention for a wrinkle free world.  It's nice to know I have Will to take care of my clothes that usually hide in the back of the closet.  It's like I have a whole new wardrobe.  Everyone at work complimented my "new" shirt today, it's actually about 2 years old. 

Yes, he is awesome!


lost and found

Allow me to introduce myself......I am Will's wallet.

You know that black leather thing that holds very important cards and millions of dollars.  For some reason my dear owner Will doesn't think I am so important.  He sets me in random places all the time and then forgets where he put me.  He goes to his super smart wife several times a week and asks her where I am.  She logically asks him where he was when he last had me.  Through a series of questions she narrows down the options of where I might be stashed, much like she did yesterday.  Will searched for me in the couch cushions, in both vehicles, under the bed, in his jackets, and every other place he could think of.  Then after several minutes of frustration he enlisted the help of his brilliant wife.  She instantly found me under the drivers seat of her vehicle.  I was thrilled to be found and I hope that my owner realizes my worth and doesn't let me be lost ever again.



I have always been one to appreciate family heirlooms and other old stuff.  It seems the older I get the more I appreciate it.  When I was sorting through scrapbooking supplies a couple weeks ago I found this picture...

Those are my great grandparents on my dads side.  I wish I knew all of the particulars on this picture like when and where it was taken.  If only my dad wasn't in the spirit world.  Luckily my mom knew a little bit about it.  I am so glad that at a young age I made a point to sit and talk to my grandma and ask her all sorts of questions about life in her younger years.  I asked her how she met my grandpa.  I found out about how she and my grandpa ran off to get married when she was young.  I just wish I would have written everything down so I knew details instead of bits and pieces.  Anyway, I love this photograph!  I love it so much that it's my goal to have Will and I recreate the scene and have a very similar picture.  Maybe for our one year anniversary or something.  It's hard to tell for sure but it looks like they are picking peaches.  Isn't it just the cutest?

When my grandma died, my siblings and I went through the house to collect our memories.  I mainly took pictures and then a few other random things.  At the time and didn't see value in much of her belongings.  I wasn't as sentimental then as I am now.  Looking back I wish I would've taken so much more, like my sister Rita.  When I go to Rita's house I'm always coveting the items she took.  My biggest regret is not taking the pig pillows my grandma  had on her couch.  I'll have to dig up a picture of them sometime.  They were cute in a kind of ugly way but most importantly they were a piece of my childhood.  Happy memories come flooding back when I see those pig pillows in a picture.

Luckily Rita, being the cool person that she is, just recently gave me these coveted items that were grandmas.....
These cute squirrels that once adorned her rose garden which I decided to use as indoor decorations and this adorable dish towel....


Yesterday when I went to my moms house I managed to get this awesomely old patchwork quilt that Nana(my great grandma on my moms side) made.
I don't think I've been so in love with a quilt in a long time.  It's super soft and I am a huge fan of all the different colors and patterns on the fabric. 

Hopefully this is the first antique show and tell of many. 


snow day

Today I followed these tracks in the snow......

which led me on a winter wonderland hike out at my moms house.

We chatted with this horse on our way.  He seems to know my car and most times when I'm passing by he'll visit with me.

This little girl decided to go rock climbing so she could pick berries out of the tree for a snack.

The dogs were as delightful as ever.  Buddha attempted being a lap dog again while I was sitting on Will's lap.  Mascara whined with excitement when we arrived and gave us lots of love.  Steinway jumped through the snow and took big bites of it, the snow makes her play like a puppy.  Brule' followed me around, gave me kisses, and acted as sweet and adorable as always.  Boz jumped all over us especially Will and enjoyed his one on one time with Will on the hike.


It was a perfectly fun snow day for us to enjoy!