portrait a week...week 21/52
ever being embarrassed.

lately ever gets embarrassed.  she also kisses everything....the kissing has been going on for months.  the embarrassment and kissing go hand in hand as you'll see in the following story.  a few days ago we went to visit my mom at work and then went for frozen yogurt with her after.  while sitting outside and enjoying our yogurt ever amazed us and all people passing by with her cuteness.  she was so animated and full of smiles.  anytime a car would start or pull up she would open her eyes really big and say ooooooh in amazement.  it was adorable.  i suppose because she was so excited about the frozen yogurt she was enjoying, she decided it was a good idea to kiss the not so clean outdoor table we were sitting at.  i told her not to kiss it and pulled her away as her lips began to meet with the metal and you would have thought i did the worst thing in the world based on her reaction.  she tucked her head down, started folding up her arms and basically tried to disappear.  i felt bad and we couldn't help but laugh at how shy she was acting.  for the next minute or so she stayed tucked even as i kept encouraging her to lift her head up and repeatedly told her everything was fine.  this seems to be her new thing when we are out in public and i try to keep her from kissing dirty objects.  it is incredibly sweet as is everything she does.  oh and lets just say that it is a good thing she has only felt it necessary to kiss the closed toilet lid at home.  i don't think i could handle it if she kissed a toilet in a public place.  i told you she kisses everything....toilet lids, food, tables, couches, kitties, toys, rocks, phones, sippy cups, etc.  if only she would be so generous with those kisses on my face.     



it's a good thing i have this portrait a week thing i want to keep up with....if it wasn't for this little challenge i most likely would forget to blog completely.
week 20/52 
i walked past ever's room and saw the sweetest sight, or at least i think it is.  
luckily i was able to catch it after running for the camera.  
there she was crouched down reading her dinosaur book.  
then she noticed me and i couldn't decide which picture i liked more so there are two this time.  
i keep thinking that surely she can't get any cuter or funnier but basically every day she proves me wrong.  i only wish i could know what goes through that smart brain of hers.



portrait a week....week 19/52
i have come to realize that i'm sort of rubbish at blogging these days.  i have had so many cute pictures, videos, and stories to share.  i have a couple drafts that i never finalized.  at first i felt bad about not documenting and sharing, but then i thought i'll just do what i can when i can.  that has sort of become my motto in life lately in all sorts of ways. 
new cute stories coming soon....maybe.
p.s. we discovered ever's serious love of swings and slides this weekend.  i think she would spend all day and night at the park if i let her.     



week 18/52
ever is always making me laugh.  just when i think she can't top her funny moments, she does 10 more things that are so cute and hilarious to me.  yesterday she was especially funny, i could easily take hours and type up every story to share.  i record little stories from each day in a journal but this one i'll share with her weekly photo.
a couple months ago ever started saying...taste it.  when i was trying to convince the picky eater to take a bite of something i would say "taste it" to her and she eventually started to copy me.  her version is a little more like this....tase-it.  yesterday i walked in her room and saw her leaning up against the rocking chair that our kitty pellegrino was trying to nap in.  i watched her shove her finger in pellegrino's face and then repeatedly say tase-it to him.  this was her way of trying to get pellegrino to lick her finger.  it was one of those moments that i felt my heart could burst with love for my funny little girl.

on a side note i've discovered that ever isn't really such a picky eater, she just has a more sophisticated palate.  when i offer her the more baby food type options that i'm sure most 1 year olds would love she acts as if i'm ridiculous....but if i give her lentils or a smoothie consisting of blueberries, coconut milk, cinnamon and chia seeds she is all about it.  she is also a fan of tofu with black beans cous cous and curry.  her favorite vegetable is cauliflower at the moment and she has a seriously love of pasta.  it seems she definitely has the same taste buds as her mama.