portrait a week...week 21/52
ever being embarrassed.

lately ever gets embarrassed.  she also kisses everything....the kissing has been going on for months.  the embarrassment and kissing go hand in hand as you'll see in the following story.  a few days ago we went to visit my mom at work and then went for frozen yogurt with her after.  while sitting outside and enjoying our yogurt ever amazed us and all people passing by with her cuteness.  she was so animated and full of smiles.  anytime a car would start or pull up she would open her eyes really big and say ooooooh in amazement.  it was adorable.  i suppose because she was so excited about the frozen yogurt she was enjoying, she decided it was a good idea to kiss the not so clean outdoor table we were sitting at.  i told her not to kiss it and pulled her away as her lips began to meet with the metal and you would have thought i did the worst thing in the world based on her reaction.  she tucked her head down, started folding up her arms and basically tried to disappear.  i felt bad and we couldn't help but laugh at how shy she was acting.  for the next minute or so she stayed tucked even as i kept encouraging her to lift her head up and repeatedly told her everything was fine.  this seems to be her new thing when we are out in public and i try to keep her from kissing dirty objects.  it is incredibly sweet as is everything she does.  oh and lets just say that it is a good thing she has only felt it necessary to kiss the closed toilet lid at home.  i don't think i could handle it if she kissed a toilet in a public place.  i told you she kisses everything....toilet lids, food, tables, couches, kitties, toys, rocks, phones, sippy cups, etc.  if only she would be so generous with those kisses on my face.     

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  1. Aww, Neely would do the hurt/embarrassed thing a lot if she was told not to do something, too. So cute and sad.


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