the good old 73 firebird

my lovely friend tyra and i had a great idea this afternoon.  we decided we should take za husbands fast fun car out for a spin.  we had such a great time.  will didn't believe that i would be able to back the beast out of the garage so he didn't believe i really had it but i went to his work to prove it. 

he was impressed with my driving skills.  no power stearing in a car like this makes it pretty hard to drive. 
it was lots of fun and i don't think tyra and i have laughed so much in a long time. 
i am thrilled about the rest of the festivities this weekend has in store for us. 
sunday i will be 31 years young, and so we are planning on making quite the party out of this weekend. 
stay tuned for more fun and celebrating.





a birthday present special order was born last night.....
(sorry about the flash and weird lighting...but you get the idea)
i was there when the gift was presented and let me tell you it was awesome. 
i think i got five hugs from the recipient, a million thank yous and i love its, plus she had goosebumps.
glad i had the chance to do this last minute special order and thrilled that it is loved.


easter paintings

za husband had a great idea.
he decided it would be cool if we did a little painting for each other as an easter gift....looks like we may just have a new tradition.

here is the painting he made for me.
hello kitty easter bunny.....super cute....he knows me so well.

and here is the painting i made for him.
he has been dreaming of getting a motorcycle so i thought it only fitting i paint us together on one....even if i am not crazy about this motorcycle idea of his.

we didn't dye eggs, go to church, meet up with family, or really do any other traditional easter type thing because i caught a cold and was feeling yucky.

this idea of za husband's was just what i needed. 
happy easter.  


flashback friday #14

circa august 2006.  flagstaff, az. with my friend shelly.
this was the first time i went ice skating and i fell in love with it. 
 it was the summer shelly and i spent camping and fishing and basically being adventurous.
almost every weekend we would load up the car and head to her parents property in williams.  on our drives to the site we sang our little hearts out...even had plastic microphones for the occasion. 
thank goodness we got to experience those times when we were grown ups but not quite ready to grow up.
such fun memories.  
i have been wanting to ice skate ever since that first time but haven't done it.  
to celebrate my birthday next weekend za husband is taking me ice skating.  


my moon

 there is something about a big bright moon
that makes me happy.


the heart stealer

okay so i'm not saying that i have a favorite but....

this little snuggler has already stolen a piece of my heart.


ready for our close-ups

that's what the baby kitties told me. 
today is their 2 week birthday.  i'm hoping personalities will start to show soon.  so far the wide eyed fluff #4  is proud to be the smallest, sweetest, and most content with being held.  despite being tiny and less fluffy he/she (can't tell yet) was the first to open it's eyes.  obviously a trendsetter, because a day or two later the rest opened their eyes.   

fluff #1

fluff #2

fluff #3

they are so wiggly which made it hard to get clear pictures. 
mama kitty is still not crazy about us getting very close to them so i usually send her outside for a break before touching the babies.  what she doesn't know can't hurt her right? actually i'm pretty sure she knows the second she comes back inside.  i tried moving the group back outside last week but one day i came home to discover 2 babies in their box and the other 2 missing.  i found the poor little things in the far corner of the yard under a pile of tumbleweeds screaming their heads off.  i'm thinking mama kitty thought her plan was brilliant but i sure didn't.  the event left me panicked and shaking.  after a call to za husband and his quick plan everyone was safe, sticker free, and back in the house. 
we are still completely enjoying our new additions.....i mean seriously, who couldn't with faces like those?


wall o' love

the big blank wall in our bedroom is slowly being filled with treasures....
among a photo of us is the owl art i did for our wedding invitation, the memory collages,
this saying from a magical movie,
and this little gem i put together from super old sheet music and a vintage style card which says
true love is unmistakable.
stay tuned to see more goodies on the wall o' love as i dream them up.


memories, times, and a movie.

couldn't be happier about these things....
that my new camera is cool enough to capture sunsets as beautiful as they are in real life. 
in the past i could rarely get a camera to see it like my eyes did.
that it is chilly enough to warrant covering my bed head in such a cute way on our early morning outings.
 that it is a snuggly cold cloudy snowy day. 
i know lots of you out there hate it but i love it. 
plus it was a good reason to make a home for the baby kitties in the spare bathroom so now we can stare at them a lot more.
i'm thinking we might watch walle a couple more times over the weekend and fall in love with it all over again. i had forgotten how much i love that movie. 
not only is it a creative masterpiece but, it reminds me of such joyous occasions as our second date and our wedding.


baby kitties

once upon a time, back in october of last year a kitty cat showed up at our house.  she was friendly.  she even knew how to do little tricks.  we decided to keep her if she wanted to stick around but she didn't stick around very much.  we would see her every once in a while and so we thought she had another home.  she is such a sweet little creature and we grew to love her during the random visits.  we named her coffeepot.  one day i noticed her belly looked pretty big.  then bigger and bigger.  we set up a little shelter for her outside assuming she was going to have babies.  she began spending a lot more time here and all the sudden monday night she had 4 tiny kittens.  luckily i know a few good people who are wanting to adopt a baby kitty and then i guess we will go ahead and get coffepot fixed since she seems to like living here. 

just warning you might fall out of your chair because of cuteness overload.....
 luckily cp is a great mommy. 
yesterday i must have spent a half hour or more just sitting there watching the mom and babies interact.  so precious.  it reminded me of the times when i was a little girl and my cat would have kittens and i would just be mesmerized by them.  i think all the babies might be spoken for but if any of you out there want a cute little kitty let me know just in case someone else changes their mind.  
i took a hilarious video of the babies fighting over food.  we were cracking up.  
i never knew brand new baby kitties were so fiesty.  they were literally punching each other out.  unfortunately i'm having issues loading the video right now so maybe later.    
i have to say, i was a little nervous about this added responsibility at first but now i couldn't be more thrilled about the 4 tiny sweet souls that decided to show up in our lives.   


prayers for mascara a.k.a. maskie

as most of you know there are 5 beautiful dogs who live at my moms house and they are a huge part of her life as well as the lives of all of us.  some of you know that my moms dog mascara has cushings disease.
poor maskie was diagnosed a couple years ago and my mom has done everything she possibly can to ensure maskie's disease doesn't get worse.  these dogs are honestly like my moms children.  her love for animals grew like crazy after the death of my dad back in 2001.  at this point due to my moms hypervigilance and extreme dedication in every sense mascara has suffered very little effects of this disease.  her recent lab work showed that the medication she was on wasn't working very well anymore so after much thought, prayer, and discussion with her awesome veterinarian my mom decided to go forward with a more agressive medication that will hopefully put maskie into remission.  the downside is this medication can make her sick.  my mom has done lots of research and proceeded with the new treatment today.  i am very hopeful that this treatment will work, as is my mom and the rest of the family but of course we are praying that this sweet beautiful girl doesn't feel the bad effects of the medication.  my mom has taken a week off work to stay with mascara as it is necessary to monitor her every moment while on this medication.  please pray that our sweet maskie gets through this treatment very easily and that she can continue living her happy life without the dark cloud of cushings hanging over her head.

♥ weekends

i ♥......
him making pancakes.
going by our own schedule.....being as lazy or productive as we please.
having strawberries and nutella on my pancakes.


flashback friday #13

circa 1944-ish i think
this is my dad robert and his sisters linda and mary.
he is so ridiculously cute i can hardly stand it.
i miss him.