baby kitties

once upon a time, back in october of last year a kitty cat showed up at our house.  she was friendly.  she even knew how to do little tricks.  we decided to keep her if she wanted to stick around but she didn't stick around very much.  we would see her every once in a while and so we thought she had another home.  she is such a sweet little creature and we grew to love her during the random visits.  we named her coffeepot.  one day i noticed her belly looked pretty big.  then bigger and bigger.  we set up a little shelter for her outside assuming she was going to have babies.  she began spending a lot more time here and all the sudden monday night she had 4 tiny kittens.  luckily i know a few good people who are wanting to adopt a baby kitty and then i guess we will go ahead and get coffepot fixed since she seems to like living here. 

just warning you might fall out of your chair because of cuteness overload.....
 luckily cp is a great mommy. 
yesterday i must have spent a half hour or more just sitting there watching the mom and babies interact.  so precious.  it reminded me of the times when i was a little girl and my cat would have kittens and i would just be mesmerized by them.  i think all the babies might be spoken for but if any of you out there want a cute little kitty let me know just in case someone else changes their mind.  
i took a hilarious video of the babies fighting over food.  we were cracking up.  
i never knew brand new baby kitties were so fiesty.  they were literally punching each other out.  unfortunately i'm having issues loading the video right now so maybe later.    
i have to say, i was a little nervous about this added responsibility at first but now i couldn't be more thrilled about the 4 tiny sweet souls that decided to show up in our lives.   


  1. Squee! Cute, tiny kitteh heads!

  2. There's nothing I love more in life than baby kittens! Is that the cat I felt her belly and deemed her not pregnant? So weird she ended up pregs! Usually u can feel baby kittens moving around in there.

  3. How cute!!!! I can't wait to show Mia these pictures!!! We would LOVE another kitty (especially one of the white ones cuz they remind me of my cat when I was a little girl) but of course you know that we can't!! :( Anyways, remember your kitty Mimi when you were a little girl? I just read Mia an old book of mine that's called Mimi the Merry go Round Cat. Do you know if that's where you got that kitty name? I told Mia that you had a kitty named that when you were a little girl too. She thought that was funny. Was Mimi black and white? I want to come see the kitties before you give them away!!!

  4. yes camille that would be the one. i think when you felt her belly she was newly pregnant because as a couple weeks passed it became more evident.


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