the good old 73 firebird

my lovely friend tyra and i had a great idea this afternoon.  we decided we should take za husbands fast fun car out for a spin.  we had such a great time.  will didn't believe that i would be able to back the beast out of the garage so he didn't believe i really had it but i went to his work to prove it. 

he was impressed with my driving skills.  no power stearing in a car like this makes it pretty hard to drive. 
it was lots of fun and i don't think tyra and i have laughed so much in a long time. 
i am thrilled about the rest of the festivities this weekend has in store for us. 
sunday i will be 31 years young, and so we are planning on making quite the party out of this weekend. 
stay tuned for more fun and celebrating.

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