hello 31

goodbye 30 and hello 31.
30...i'll be glad to see you go for a few reasons.
at the same time, i'm a little bit sad because it's one more year of my life that went flying by.
thirty you were full of adventures, some great and some not so great.
i have high hopes for 31.
big plans.
amazing things.....
we had such a fun weekend.  one event after the next.
i'm excited to share the rest of the stories and pictures but for now i'm sharing proof that we know how to ice skate.
one of us is better at it than the other. 
and the blurry pictures clearly tell you who was zooming around the rink or who was the worse photographer. 

za husband cruised around with ease and even tried little tricks. 
both of us had only ice skated one other time in our life.
i took a little longer to get reacquainted with the ice....clung to the wall quite a bit and clumsily moved around, much like bambi.
will on the other hand was like a pro almost instantly.
it was pretty impressive.
i say we go back to that rink in flagstaff often because it was a blast.
i am certain about this....
there is no better person to spend not only my special day with, but all my days.

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