houndstooth's firsts

we decided to take little girl for her first car ride and shopping spree.
she was so mellow in the car. 

first we stopped to visit aunt lexie at work.
then we went to petsmart. 
little houndstooth was so patient and calm while we tried a harness on her and picked out fun stuff. 
she chose the pretty red harness.
on the drive home she fell asleep like this.
all that shopping wore her out.
then we got home and had her test out the harness.
you see i've had this daydream for a few weeks now of taking her for a walk around the neighborhood.
i figured she would throw a fit and try to chew it off or protest by sitting down and refusing to move but not this little girl.
she proudly marched around the house like a pro.
i am seriously blown away by her awesome little personality.
she is just too adorable.


  1. I knew that my grand kitty would be smart and adorable. :)

  2. Awe...what a smart little kitty! She is too cute Skye!


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