handlebar ribs

this is what taking the end of my mountain bike handlebar to my ribs at a fast speed looks like....
isn't that awesome?
i blame this adorable fiesty little girl who we went camping with over the weekend...
she swerved in front of me and slowed down at just the right moment and there was no way for me to stop.  the handlebar jabbed me and i flipped forward landed on the ground with my bike on top of my legs. 
luckily i was the only one who crashed.
i'm pretty sore and bruised in several spots but it was totally worth it because riding in the mountains with perfect weather was amazing.  i've been wondering when that was going to happen since we got our bikes a few months back.  
at least i can go ahead and check it off my list.  


  1. Still think that is a gross picture...it looks like a boob with a cancerous nipple!

    Little girl on the bike is super cute :)

  2. I am so jealous, not of the crash of course :) We are going camping in a few weeks and I think you just inspired me to take my bike and trailer and Connor's bike along. Are you feeling better? That picture looks painful...ouch! Who is the little?


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