the center of our universe

i am falling way behind again with stories and pictures of our life.  
i couldn't resist taking a minute to post a few random pictures from last week of our now 12 week old girl.  
she is the center of our universe.  


a giggle

this 11 week old of mine laughed for the first time today.  
we were at her doctors appointment and my mom was holding her while i talked to the doctor.  i look over where my mom is sitting because i thought i heard a giggle and i did.  ever was laughing at her yaya.  such an adorable sight and sweet sound.  
then tonight as i was feeding her she kept smiling at me so i started talking to her and when i said "xoxo gossip girl" to her she let out a tiny giggle.  
i kept trying to get her to do it again but she was keeping those giggles locked up tight for the rest of the evening.  i'm thinking any day now laughing will be a regular thing for her and i can't wait.


fathers and daughters

me and my papa.  ever and her papa.

the father daughter bond is a very special thing.
it is something i am thrilled to witness as it grows between will and ever.   
i know ever is going to admire and love her dad as much as i do mine.....there is no way she couldn't because will is so amazing with his little girl. 


ever thinks i'm crazy

i think my mom has lost her marbles because she takes so many pictures of me.
expect more soon.


her facial expressions

worlds cutest facial expressions....

i think so.
am i obsessed....for sure.


conversations with toys

today ever is ten weeks old.
it is shocking that she went from 12 days in this picture to 10 weeks with the blink of an eye.

my most favorite things about her lately are her smile and the conversations she has with us and her toys.
we watch in amazement as she talks to her toys, we call them her friends.   she swings her arms and kicks her legs then smiles so big like the conversations with the tiny stuffed creatures is the best thing in the world.  i think the conversations with us might be her second favorite at the moment.  i have tried recording her during one of these cute conversations but it is as if she knows i'm recording and she stops her funny stuff right away.  soon i'll get a video of the cuteness.  for now here is a picture of her seeing her favorites first thing this morning. 

it is as if she is seeing them for the first time every time.


latest from ig

still obsessed with instagram and taking picture of ever as you can see...
(username: skyewe)
taken at 6 weeks of age...loves doing pushups.

sportin her cool shades from brandi.

7 weeks old.

not thrilled about hiking again.

i love that face.

having a talk with her papa.  he's pretty much obsessed with her.

9 weeks old and all about smiling.

she coos and it melts my heart.

showing her strength during tummy time again.

those eyes!

getting a sniff from pellegrino.

meeting a rescued baby bunny.....kind of looks like she's punching it.

meeting a rescued baby quail

getting more papa love.

just call me lashes.

the angry mermaid.  
she frequently ends up with both legs in one leg hole of her outfits.
i call it mermaiding herself.

previous ig posts here and here.


another hike with ever

last weekend we did it again.  this time it was rather warm in the mountains and we saw lots of wildlife.  
we also had my mom and brother with us which meant we laughed a little bit more as we had interesting conversations.

i enjoyed watching ever's wispy cotton candy hairs blow in the wind.

for some reason i think she looks like a cranky old turtle in this picture.

here she is being upset on the drive home

and being frightened by the flash.  
i can't help but laugh at this one.  
poor girl doesn't look happy.
but she is quite happy out in the wilderness.