week 17/52
the portrait this week was taken while ever was mesmerized by brave.  the last few days she decided she is no longer afraid of the part of the movie that was never really scary to begin with.  she says mor'du in a really excited/loud way when mor'du comes on the screen.  her version sounds more like da-duuu.  it is adorable, but what is even more adorable is how she reacts to a different scene of the movie.  the part where the mom (in bear form) eats berries then quickly spits them out and flips the table over...ever cracks up at that part.  my mom first noticed her laugh at it when she was watching her saturday and yesterday she did it when will and i were present.  it was so cute we ended up rewinding several times to see her laugh hysterically.  
oh and her shirt she is wearing....it says...this love is serious and it has a mama and baby lion.  it is so cute and such a perfect statement.   



week 16/52
ever often says cloud and then puts her lips together and blows air....this is why.
i don't want to jinx us but finally after a year ever is consistently sleeping through the night for the most part.  will and i end up silently laughing at her because on occasion she seems to wake up and she talks a little then goes back to sleep....or maybe she's talking in her sleep i'm not really sure.  last night i heard her say hi kitty in a really excited tone.  a couple nights before that she said papa a whole bunch mixed with owl and cloud.  we are afraid if we move or laugh she is going to wake up for good so we usually listen to her as we smile and silently laugh while being very still.  she is a funny girl.

prank 3

prank number 3 happened over the weekend.  a couple weeks had gone by since the last pranks so will wasn't suspecting anything at all.  saturday i made cupcakes for no real reason other than because will loves them, but in the back of my mind i was thinking how i could easily pull a prank with the cupcakes.  will devoured a cupcake before they had even cooled down so i asked if he wanted another one.  of course he did, and to make sure he didn't see what i was up to i asked him to change ever's diaper.  i had to work fast and in doing so some cupcakes were ruined.  will isn't a fan of spicy foods and i knew really spicy sauce mixed with one of his beloved cupcakes would be the perfect way to retaliate.  i quickly pulled the top off a cupcake and covered it with sriracha hot sauce.  then i carefully covered the hot sauce with frosting.  i noticed you could see some of the sauce on the paper wrapper so i unwrapped the cupcake and pinched a piece off so it looked like i had taken a bite.....that way he wouldn't wonder why it was unwrapped.  will comes in the kitchen and takes a bite that equals half of the cupcake...at first he says mmmmm then all the sudden he bends over the sink and starts spitting it out, maybe while saying a bad word.  i was laughing so hard i thought i'd pee my pants.  good thing the camera happened to be right there so i could at least get these photos.  he kept rinsing his mouth because it was burning and it tasted so bad.   
after the initial shock wore off he was pretty impressed with my pranking skills and we laughed for the rest of the day about it.  
side note....ever was playing with the camera recently and she switched a setting i guess because all of the photos are coming out square like this and i have no idea how to change it back.  i actually like the look of the square ones but hopefully i can at least figure out how she did this....naughty girl.


stories from the week

here is a little bit about our week so far...

will went to training out of town for work.  i was really sad when he left.  we do not like to be apart.  in over three years of marriage this was the second time he was gone for a few days at a time.  i'm glad his job doesn't require lots of travel because that wouldn't thrill me.  ever wasn't so happy that he was gone either.  she kept saying papa in the most sweet longing way.  so we were happy for face time calls, ever repeatedly kissed the phone.  

will was packing to come home in this picture which made us all very happy obviously.
will doesn't love this picture because 1. he says he looks dorky.  2. a couple people pointed out that it looks like he is on the toilet.  it makes me laugh....sorry will. 

i guess i wasn't in my right mind when he was gone because when my mom asked for more coconut milk i found the milk in the cabinet instead of the fridge.  side note.....if you haven't tried coconut milk, i highly recommend it.  we were strictly an almond milk household but now i'm obsessed with coconut milk.
oh yeah and my mom was kind enough to stay the night both nights will was gone.  it was like a fun girl sleepover.  

i was constantly flooding will with pictures of his little lady...whether they were pictures of her at home or out grocery shopping.  let me just add that ever makes grocery shopping fun.  on this particular trip she spent her time smiling at everyone and being a complete show off with all the words she knows, which caused us to have a nice talk with a sweet stranger.  when we went to get a welcome home card for will ever insisted i pick the one with a kitty on it but she kept calling the kitty a puppy and kissing it.  she kissed and held the card the rest of the time in the store. 

her love of la luna is still strong.
she enjoys being independent and walking all around the house.  she stops for a moment on her travel and destruction missions to be amazed by la luna. 

yesterday at breakfast ever kept putting her hands in the air and smiling for no apparent reason....it was really cute.

i mentioned on instagram that my mom seems to have reignited ever's love of brave.  my mom bought her a brave shirt which ever has been carrying around the house and kissing.  then she started carrying the dvd case around and saying brave.  next thing i know she is walking over to the dvd player trying to push buttons and saying brave because obviously she was ready to watch it.  there is one part of the movie that she gets scared at we've noticed the last couple times it is on.  it isn't even a part i would consider scary but she feels that it is.  

yesterday she found her jingle book....carried it over to me.....set it down and pointed at jingle then said puppy.  i thought it was adorable like everything else she does.  funny thing was we didn't know were this book was for the longest time but ever found it and knew it was about a puppy.
yesterday on a walk i was falling in love with all the clouds.  i told will i wished that i could go sit on the clouds and play like you see in cartoons.  he thought that was funny and then i told him i was going to truly pretend it was possible and he couldn't convince me otherwise.  
how could you not wish for such a thing to be true?
last night i decided i wanted to paint something but i had no idea what i would paint until i started mixing colors and actually making something....this was the result and i'm quite happy with how these two turned out.  now i just want to paint all day long.

this morning ever woke up in a rubbish mood.  she was crying and so mad at everything until i got her a bottle.  as i fed her i admired her tear soaked eyelashes.  she is so ridiculously funny and determined.  i won't even talk about the terrible tantrum she had yesterday when i tried to get her down for a nap.  i'm glad will witnessed it because i don't think he would have believed just how outrageous she was being.
i've come to realize that her tantrums are based on the fact that she is tired and she isn't able to talk to me and explain what she wants.  i honestly believe she will be done with these explosions as her vocabulary increases.  she has always been frustrated by her limitations basically since the day she was born and at her last check up the pediatrician mentioned that she is advanced to the point of and 18 month old or more because of all the things she knows and does.  so it explains why at a year old she is already testing us.  as she has gained more independence at each stage by crawling, walking, etc. she seems to be so much happier.  she is just ready to take over the world at a year old and mad that we don't fully understand.



week 15/52
as she walks (runs) all over the house these days i can very often find her playing the piano.  
she might end up being yaya's youngest student.  this little lady loves music so much.


the cloud shelves

 remember in this post i mentioned cloud shelves that kit (he made them) and my mom gave ever for her birthday?  well here they are.  i added some white paint and will hung them up.  i think the shelves add that extra touch her room needed and they are perfect for displaying items i'd prefer ever couldn't reach and play with like the old kewpies and stuffed items she could wreck.
now that i see how great they look in her room i want more.  
i have some triangle shelves that will and kit made together months ago i'll most likely be adding to ever's room soon and once will finishes painting her antique kids table we are going to be that much closer to having this happy space completely decorated.  too bad she is a year old and we are just now getting everything set up perfectly....oh well you can't always rush these sorts of things.
this was another item kit made to go with the shelves...a cloud rack to hang anything from decorative items, jackets, or the coolest shark backpack.


prank 1 and 2

at one point during the weekend will and i decided to watch some youtube videos of couples pranking each other.  we both laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes while seeing some of the pranks and reactions.  next thing i know will starts saying that we should try pranking each other.  i agreed it could be a good idea as long as things did not go too far.  
the next day we went out to my mom's house to watch one of our favorite tv shows and see the dogs.  we took lunch with us and made a fun afternoon of it.  on the way out there will mentioned that he had packed dessert.  i adore cadbury eggs...the mini ones and the big cream eggs.  i'd say the cream eggs are my current favorite.  this year i barely had any easter candy because i'm working on my fitness.  that cream egg will packed was a rare favorite treat that i was looking forward to.
there we sit watching our show as i start eating my treat.  i took the first bite and thought how it didn't taste exactly right but i thought maybe it was because i had just finished eating a sandwich and that taste was still in my mouth.  after taking another bite i knew for a fact that something was very wrong with my dessert.  i look over at will with a disgusted look and he smiles, at that point i knew i was a victim of his first prank.  instantly i yelled...what did you do?  between bursts of laughter he explains that he made a tiny hole in the egg and squirted apple cider vinegar inside it then melted the chocolate with a lighter to cover the hole.  
i'm not sure what was more upsetting....the nasty taste in my mouth or the fact that he ruined two of my beloved treats in the process of making that nasty one and i only had one left at home until next easter rolls around. 
we laughed about it the rest of the day and i plotted revenge in my head.  i knew it would be at least a couple days until the next prank took place because we would both be too suspicious and will made me believe he wouldn't attack again until i had a chance to retaliate.  
later that night will got me again.  he was changing ever's diaper in her room as i went to the kitchen to make a bottle.  he called out for me saying that he might need help because it was a messy one.  i told him i'd be there in a minute.  as i round the corner to go in ever's room will comes out of her room holding what looks like an open dirty diaper then he bumps into me and presses the diaper against my shoulder.  he says my eyes were huge and i looked horrified as i stood there in silence for a moment.  i was ready to freak out but i smelled something sweet coming from the diaper.  apparently earlier that evening he mixed up nutella and peanut butter in a diaper complete with nutella/peanut butter covered wipes then he had it hiding in ever's room for the right moment.  well played will, well played.  now it is my turn though so give me a chance to get you back.
look at ever's face...even she was horrified that he ruined the cadbury egg.  that is because i let her have a little taste (of a good one) and it seems she might be in love with those too.



week 14/52
lucky you....you get to see two pictures for the photo a week thing this week.  
i couldn't decide.
that first picture is funny blurry and so ever...that silly grin and her teething necklace in her mouth while wiggling around on the couch.
this second one shows a moment of her being still and i just love how beautiful she is.  
these were taken right after she took her shirt off all on her own while playing.  
in the last couple weeks i've noticed how interested she is in trying to take her clothes off (tugging at them and sometimes getting one arm out of a sleeve, maybe both) then trying to put them back on which usually means picking up a shirt and repeadetly putting it on top of her head while looking in the mirror and saying pretty.  this was the first time she actually took her shirt off all the way on her own.  yesterday i dressed her in a such a cute outfit but it wasn't one she could easily try to take off and she threw an absolute fit when she realized it wasn't going to come off easily.  i had to take it off and let her run around in a diaper to keep her happy.  
lots of love to you from me and this one year old who suddenly hates wearing clothes.   


ever's birthday part 2...cake, balloons, presents

ever started her day with the gift from us in the picture below.  
she thought cruising around with this wooden push toy was amazing and then discovering that it had a built in xylophone and other noise makers made it even better.  as you can see she wasn't so impressed with her hair clip.  she sees the clips and says pretty but as soon as i put them in her hair lately she rips them out.  oh well.
part one of ever's birthday is here.  

i made cupcakes and if you scroll down you'll see her reaction to the treat.
my mom and kit came over to wish ever a happy birthday and since my mom was sick on easter and not able to come over then she brought ever an easter basket along with her birthday gifts.  
ever was impressed.

i think she wondered why she was getting all sorts of gifts and totally in the spotlight but she didn't complain.  she soaked it all in happily.
she was quite pleased with her colorful balloons and when she saw the birthday banner that i made she smiled so big and said pretty.  
everything is either pretty, a kitty, or worthy of a kiss these days in ever's world.
then she had her first taste of cake and she went bonkers devouring that sugary goodness.  

she was confused for about a second and looked at the cupcake in a very suspicious way but that ended quickly and soon she was covered in cake and frosting.

she couldn't be bothered with a family picture when cake was involved.  look at that expression of pure joy.

frosting mustache

if you think this is a lot of pictures you should see just how many didn't make the cut.  the amount of pictures i took was obscene.  

after the cake we went outside for push toy time, blowing bubbles, and exploring.

cutest tutu butt.

then back inside to open cards and read all the books yaya got.  i went crazy when i saw these babylit books based on old classics.  the illustrations are adorable and the books teach either counting, colors, weather etc.  since ever is a book lover i told my mom that these would be perfect for her and my mom got her four of the books.

she completely enjoyed them as we knew she would.  kit made ever some cloud shelves for her room.  months ago i found some on etsy i really liked but i didn't end up buying them.  my mom showed kit the shelves and he made two similar to the picture i had given her and then he made one that allows for hanging items in her room.  once they are up i'll take pictures to show you just how cute they are.

there are so many things i could say about ever but it would turn into a novel and i reserve the novel writing for her baby book or journal.  i am obsessed with documenting every bit of her life.  each milestone or funny moment is written down in one of her many books and i know those written words are priceless treasures.  i even enjoy looking back to when she was a few months old now so i can only imagine how much more i'll enjoy reading things when we celebrate her 5th birthday or 18th.  i know i might be getting ahead of myself but lets be honest...time flies...especially when you are enjoying it with this little piece of heaven we call ever.

oh and by the way...walking seemed to be another gift she got right in time for her birthday.  easter night she took a bunch of steps on her own just out of the blue.  leading up to that she had taken two or three steps on her own then suddenly she took off.  time to baby proof even more.

look back at ever's life....