ever's birthday part 1...deer farm

as i mentioned before we wanted to go for a laid back/fun adventure that suits ever type birthday rather than a big bash.  there may come a time that we will have actual big parties if ever decides that is what she wants but for now we think going on a fun outing as a family is the best way to celebrate birthdays.    
from as soon as ever started to notice her surroundings she has been in love with animals whether it be the dogs, kitties, or tiny creatures like hamsters at the pet store.  i thought it seemed only fitting that for her birthday we take her on an adventure involving animals, and so we went to the deer farm.  we actually went the day before her birthday just because it fit our schedules a little bit better.
i kept snapping pictures like crazy not really taking the time to see if they were turning out, in fact i didn't look at them until we got home that night.  there are plenty of similar ones and plenty of cute ones so i'll try to share the best combinations without being too repetitive.

getting a good shot of the three of us was next to impossible but i love ever's expression in this one.

a favorite close up.

a favorite because of how she had her hands clasped together.

my handsome baby wearer

ever called all of the animals kitties and she blew about a million kisses.  each animal got a kiss or two.  it was adorable and so fun to watch how fascinated she was by all the sights and sounds.
i'd say it was a successful first birthday celebration. 
next i'll share photos from her actual day involving presents and cake and if i can get videos to upload properly i'll share those in another post.  

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  1. I'm glad you and Will got to take Ever here for birthday! And I love how Ever calls all animals kitties! And I love how you worded...."my handsome baby wearer".....you come up with some of the funniest things Skye!! :)


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