week 17/52
the portrait this week was taken while ever was mesmerized by brave.  the last few days she decided she is no longer afraid of the part of the movie that was never really scary to begin with.  she says mor'du in a really excited/loud way when mor'du comes on the screen.  her version sounds more like da-duuu.  it is adorable, but what is even more adorable is how she reacts to a different scene of the movie.  the part where the mom (in bear form) eats berries then quickly spits them out and flips the table over...ever cracks up at that part.  my mom first noticed her laugh at it when she was watching her saturday and yesterday she did it when will and i were present.  it was so cute we ended up rewinding several times to see her laugh hysterically.  
oh and her shirt she is wearing....it says...this love is serious and it has a mama and baby lion.  it is so cute and such a perfect statement.   

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  1. Ever is so funny! This picture of her totally looks like you as a baby! Must be those eyes!


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