stories from the week

here is a little bit about our week so far...

will went to training out of town for work.  i was really sad when he left.  we do not like to be apart.  in over three years of marriage this was the second time he was gone for a few days at a time.  i'm glad his job doesn't require lots of travel because that wouldn't thrill me.  ever wasn't so happy that he was gone either.  she kept saying papa in the most sweet longing way.  so we were happy for face time calls, ever repeatedly kissed the phone.  

will was packing to come home in this picture which made us all very happy obviously.
will doesn't love this picture because 1. he says he looks dorky.  2. a couple people pointed out that it looks like he is on the toilet.  it makes me laugh....sorry will. 

i guess i wasn't in my right mind when he was gone because when my mom asked for more coconut milk i found the milk in the cabinet instead of the fridge.  side note.....if you haven't tried coconut milk, i highly recommend it.  we were strictly an almond milk household but now i'm obsessed with coconut milk.
oh yeah and my mom was kind enough to stay the night both nights will was gone.  it was like a fun girl sleepover.  

i was constantly flooding will with pictures of his little lady...whether they were pictures of her at home or out grocery shopping.  let me just add that ever makes grocery shopping fun.  on this particular trip she spent her time smiling at everyone and being a complete show off with all the words she knows, which caused us to have a nice talk with a sweet stranger.  when we went to get a welcome home card for will ever insisted i pick the one with a kitty on it but she kept calling the kitty a puppy and kissing it.  she kissed and held the card the rest of the time in the store. 

her love of la luna is still strong.
she enjoys being independent and walking all around the house.  she stops for a moment on her travel and destruction missions to be amazed by la luna. 

yesterday at breakfast ever kept putting her hands in the air and smiling for no apparent reason....it was really cute.

i mentioned on instagram that my mom seems to have reignited ever's love of brave.  my mom bought her a brave shirt which ever has been carrying around the house and kissing.  then she started carrying the dvd case around and saying brave.  next thing i know she is walking over to the dvd player trying to push buttons and saying brave because obviously she was ready to watch it.  there is one part of the movie that she gets scared at we've noticed the last couple times it is on.  it isn't even a part i would consider scary but she feels that it is.  

yesterday she found her jingle book....carried it over to me.....set it down and pointed at jingle then said puppy.  i thought it was adorable like everything else she does.  funny thing was we didn't know were this book was for the longest time but ever found it and knew it was about a puppy.
yesterday on a walk i was falling in love with all the clouds.  i told will i wished that i could go sit on the clouds and play like you see in cartoons.  he thought that was funny and then i told him i was going to truly pretend it was possible and he couldn't convince me otherwise.  
how could you not wish for such a thing to be true?
last night i decided i wanted to paint something but i had no idea what i would paint until i started mixing colors and actually making something....this was the result and i'm quite happy with how these two turned out.  now i just want to paint all day long.

this morning ever woke up in a rubbish mood.  she was crying and so mad at everything until i got her a bottle.  as i fed her i admired her tear soaked eyelashes.  she is so ridiculously funny and determined.  i won't even talk about the terrible tantrum she had yesterday when i tried to get her down for a nap.  i'm glad will witnessed it because i don't think he would have believed just how outrageous she was being.
i've come to realize that her tantrums are based on the fact that she is tired and she isn't able to talk to me and explain what she wants.  i honestly believe she will be done with these explosions as her vocabulary increases.  she has always been frustrated by her limitations basically since the day she was born and at her last check up the pediatrician mentioned that she is advanced to the point of and 18 month old or more because of all the things she knows and does.  so it explains why at a year old she is already testing us.  as she has gained more independence at each stage by crawling, walking, etc. she seems to be so much happier.  she is just ready to take over the world at a year old and mad that we don't fully understand.

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