fable and olive's newborn photo shoot

i've said it before and i'll say it again....high quality photos are always a must no matter what.
i still regret not hiring erica to do our wedding photos.  i never want to have that regret again so as soon as i found out about our new additions i thought about erica taking their pictures even if photos weren't exactly in the budget.  she also did ever's newborn photos that i cherish. 
years ago i met {erica} through my cousin lisa and instantly i knew she was someone i wanted to be friends with.  unfortunately we don't see each other often anymore...just when i have a baby.  we always say we'll try to see each other besides every couple years and hopefully that is the case.  erica amazed me once again with these....   

ever was a bit reluctant about posing which i think is evident in this picture but she did so well and i love this of my 3 girls together.
ever has not stopped talking about erica since she was here.  


(we are always catching smiles from her....glad erica was able to as well)

i am such a fan of black and white photos.  i was surprised this time around how i leaned more towards the color photos though....this would be an exception.  the way they are holding on to each other...in love!

i almost didn't have my picture taken with the babies because i wasn't exactly in a picture taking mood 12 days after having them.  erica convinced me to go for it and i am so glad she did because i love how these turned out.  

the pictures of will with the babies turned out so great. 
he is such a wonderful papa and i think that his love for these tiniest gals is evident in these shots. 
i hope at some point we can have erica do family photos for us.  might not happen really soon but someday.  if you are looking for a wonderful photographer she's your lady.


bedtime stories with ever

i am a sucker for ever's avoidance of bedtime.  lately she lures me in to read another book or discuss something.  last night she really had me with her cuteness.  she kept calling for me and the second time i went in her room after putting her in bed i finally told her she really needed to relax and go to sleep.  her response......"whoa whoa whoa wait mama i need to tell you a story!"  so what did i do....go get the camera and take several videos of her story telling.  this one is my favorite of the videos i took.  part of the time she is reciting one of her favorite bedtime books and the rest....well just see for yourself.  she recently learned her last name and she likes to say it often with a mixture of all the names she knows.  in the other videos she made up stories about her stuffed animals and other objects in the room.  i am totally in love with her imagination.


home at last

these pictures were taken during fable and olive's first week at home.  will and i were in shock that when we drove home from the hospital they didn't make a peep then when we got home they ate a bunch and took a long nap.  that kind of stuff never happened with ever.  their mostly mellow dispositions are especially nice since we have two tiny bundles to care for.  

ever was so happy that brandon came by.  she loved having him carry/swing her around in this basket.  bossing him around is one of her most favorite things.  

notice how fable put papa kit to sleep.  we all talk about how these babies are sleep inducers like ambien.  you hold one and you'll want to sleep.

ever needed pictures with her bears.

i'm often finding them sleeping in the same position but they move as soon as i take a picture.

painting with ice cream....maybe wanting some extra attention.  although i'm happy to report that ever didn't struggle much at all with the adjustment.  she's done so well just as i thought she would.  i had a harder time with it than her.  it was an emotional thing for me.  another thing i've noticed since fable and olive have arrived is a sudden increase in maturity/independence from ever and a stronger bond between her and i. it is hard to explain but something i'm sure other moms have experienced.  ever is such an amazing little human....always has been.

i really look forward to seeing what olive and fable's personalities are like as they get older.


more favorites from the first couple days

since olive and fable are one month old today i figured i better finish sharing the pictures i wanted to share from the hospital.