fable and olive's newborn photo shoot

i've said it before and i'll say it again....high quality photos are always a must no matter what.
i still regret not hiring erica to do our wedding photos.  i never want to have that regret again so as soon as i found out about our new additions i thought about erica taking their pictures even if photos weren't exactly in the budget.  she also did ever's newborn photos that i cherish. 
years ago i met {erica} through my cousin lisa and instantly i knew she was someone i wanted to be friends with.  unfortunately we don't see each other often anymore...just when i have a baby.  we always say we'll try to see each other besides every couple years and hopefully that is the case.  erica amazed me once again with these....   

ever was a bit reluctant about posing which i think is evident in this picture but she did so well and i love this of my 3 girls together.
ever has not stopped talking about erica since she was here.  


(we are always catching smiles from her....glad erica was able to as well)

i am such a fan of black and white photos.  i was surprised this time around how i leaned more towards the color photos though....this would be an exception.  the way they are holding on to each other...in love!

i almost didn't have my picture taken with the babies because i wasn't exactly in a picture taking mood 12 days after having them.  erica convinced me to go for it and i am so glad she did because i love how these turned out.  

the pictures of will with the babies turned out so great. 
he is such a wonderful papa and i think that his love for these tiniest gals is evident in these shots. 
i hope at some point we can have erica do family photos for us.  might not happen really soon but someday.  if you are looking for a wonderful photographer she's your lady.

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  1. All the pictures turned out so beautiful! Erica did a great job! :)


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