hold on baby sisters

tuesday we decided to brave an outing together because i was ready to be out of the house.  will was going to go back to work middle of this week but we both decided neither of us were ready for that.  truth is i don't think we are ever going to be ready for that but it is most likely happening this coming monday and i think we are all going to be very sad about it.
notice how we are crammed into our vehicle like sardines.  a week or two after discovering another baby would be joining our family we traded in 2 of our vehicles for one newer vehicle.  there were lots of reasons behind our decision that made it seem like the best idea.  little did we know there were actually two babies brewing in my belly....a surprise we discovered two months later.  had we known that i think we would have gotten a bigger vehicle.  now we are sort of stuck cramming into this one for a while.  ever seems to enjoy the crammed situation.  as soon as we get everyone buckled in ever grabs the handles of fable and olive's carseats and says "hold on baby sisters!" as we drive around.  

we made our usual stop at the hospital....our home away from home....and my mom took pictures of us to once again document the family of five and also that olive and fable were 3 weeks old on this day.

i have learned to get very creative in situations where both babies are crying, hungry, needing to be held or changed.  i'm often holding one baby while doing various other things or finding a way to prop the two of them up to feed them at the same time.  once again the nursing isn't going according to plan but i'm still giving them what little bit of breast milk i can just like i did with ever.  i've even learned to get them both latched on to nurse at the same time.  i guarantee anyone would laugh if they saw how i have juggled everything in certain moments.  i end up laughing most of the time....better than crying.  luckily ever has learned to fend for herself some of the time by pushing a little chair into the pantry to grab herself a snack.  although there are moments where all three of my babes are crying or needing something at once.  it always seems to happen when will leaves the house to run errands so i'm pretty nervous to see how everything is going to unfold when he goes back to work.  
before we went home this particular day we decided to stop at the store for a few things.  as we got there olive and fable decided they were both starving.  they screamed at the same time then fable fell asleep while olive kept yelling for food.  i decided i better stay in the car with them while will and ever ran in for just the necessities.  will handed me olive i fed her for a minute while enjoying the quiet in the car.  suddenly fable woke up very upset.  i sat olive in ever's seat while leaning over mine to unbuckle fable upside down.  i then propped the two of them up in ever's seat and fed them both a bottle while leaning back there uncomfortably.  see what i mean....comedy.

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  1. I love how Ever is holding on to each of her sister's car seats and I love how fashionable you have the twins dressed too! Your little family of 5 is beautiful! :)


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