one of my absolute favorite baby pictures is this one of my mom and i.

i have been daydreaming about lots of stuff lately but recreating this picture with sweet baby e has been at the top of my daydream list.



30 weeks worth of baby bump.
it amazes me that she still has several weeks to grow in there. 


slowly hiking with the 5 furry beasts

we went out to my mom's house yesterday and while there took the dogs on a hike. 
this was my view for most of the journey thanks to the big belly slowing me down but i didn't really mind.
luckily will, brulé, and steinway slowed down several times to keep me company.
i was pretty amazed by my shadow.
and this magic tree.

a lovely mangled dead tree.



steinway stole the show with her complete love of the snow patches. 
she kept rolling in the snow, licking it, and making the cutest crunching noises when she would bite the snow.
oh fluffy girl....you make us smile.

i can't get over her clydesdale legs.

those 5 fluffs are the bright spot to any day.


what life will be like in weeks

circa may 1980
me and my mom.
time just keeps going so fast.  it is hard to believe that in a matter of weeks my life will look like this. 
i really don't think i'll be able to fully grasp or understand all of it until it happens.
my emotions these days go from excited to nervous over and over.  


hold my marshmallow

so my mom and i are driving back from bullhead this afternoon.  we had an important reason to go there and then decided to make a quick stop at target before heading home.  i should have never gone there while hungry because all of the sudden everything in the snack aisles at target seemed wonderful.  we get the necessary items and some snacks then go about our merry way home.  as i'm trying to negotiate an intersection and eating a chocolate covered marshmallow heart will calls on my phone.  i answer the phone then blurt out to my mom...."hold my marshmallow!"  maybe not the funniest thing in the world but will's puzzled reaction on the other end of the phone along with the giggles my mom and i always tend to get turned into an all out uncontrollable laughfest.  will cracks up because my mom and i are laughing so hysterically.  i could barely see to drive because tears were filling up my eyes.  we both had mascara running down our faces.  we could hardly catch our breath.  i was wheezing as i was laughing.....also known as helicopter laugh to all of us.  it was absolute insanity and it continued for a good portion of that 40 minute drive home.  just as we calmed down...we'd start back up again.  moments like those are some of my favorites.

this is us attempting to document our mascara stained ridiculous faces.



29 weeks worth of baby growing in this belly of mine.
i convinced will that he shouldn't be left out this time so he gave his best 29 week impression.
i'm glad he is such a good sport.


new paint job

we had a wildly productive weekend. 
we made long lists and checked almost every item off the list....serious teamwork. 
i love that sort of thing.  there's nothing quite like relaxing in a clean house with hardly any to do's hanging over my head. 
painting my toenails has been on the list for a long time.  i usually always have them freshly painted and pretty but this belly of mine has prevented that lately.
will being the amazing husband he is decided to help me out since i can't comfortably reach my toenails.   

he was a little concerned that his paint job was too messy, but i kept reassuring him that it was perfect because in my opinion...it is. 
i can't imagine a better pedicure. 


shoe art

our master closet just isn't big enough for the both of us and i've had issues with the way things seems so unorganized in it for a long time.  over a year ago i saw an idea similar to this online and will recently made it happen...
we got some wooden trim at home depot. 
will cut it to fit and painted it and now i magically have more room in the closet.
not to mention i feel like i have art in my closet now with a bunch of my pretty heels hanging on the wall.
there wasn't room to hang all of them on the wall but at least they aren't all piled up in a mess on the floor anymore....makes me happy.



28 weeks worth of baby bump.
i seriously can't believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be going....time is flying by! 


the cloud mobile

one day i asked my super talented friend brandi if she could make a mobile for our little love based on the cloud painting i did below.
of course she was awesome and got to work on it right away and now i am the proud owner of one of her mobiles.
it is absolutely adorable and i love it! 
we have yet to get a crib or even decide where we want the crib to be in the room once we get it. 
for now the mobile is in a temporary spot in the room and i smile each time i go in there.
isn't it magical?


seeing baby e in 3D

keeping up with her true fashion she was a stubborn baby today for the ultrasound. 
every moment of it was still so magical to me though. 
seeing her sweet little face and tiny hands and feet.
these pictures are pretty self explanatory but i'll still tell you about each one.
here is her beautiful face. 
she wasn't much for staying still or being in the right position to get a good shot.
my mom says she looks like my dad in this one.

this is her adorable tiny foot. 
i want to kiss it.

here is her fist. 
i think this was the point she threatened to punch us because she didn't want to be bothered any longer.

her profile. 
she looks so sweet and content.

this is a blurry picture of her face with either a foot or hand coming up to her face. 
from very early on we noticed she likes to have a hand up by her face but this time we saw she liked having a foot up there too. 
flexible little yoga baby.

we did see her suck on her fingers once which i really enjoyed.
every little move she made fascinated me.
after cooperating for a bit she turned over and refused to give us more pictures. 
stubborn like her mom and dad i guess.



27 weeks.
sometimes the baby bump likes to go to the gym....here we are after such an outing.


steinway and the belly

the big fat fluff of a girl steinway came over for a few minutes on saturday. 
she was cute and funny as usual and we enjoyed her visit, minus the kitties, especially pellegrino.

i can't help but take a million pictures of this beauty.
at one point she ran into e's room and grabbed this stuffed sea turtle.
she began biting it repeatedly to try to make it squeak. 
we thought it was very cute.
 then i had the turtle ride on her back, which she didn't mind at all.

steinway once had a belly like this.
she is still the ultimate mother. 
just like i hope to be.



26 week baby bump
her wiggles are getting way more obvious these days to the point where it seems my whole body jumps when she gives a hard kick.  i completely love every single squirm and intense kick i feel.


out with the old...in with the new

i think most people are thrilled about getting a new car especially when the new one has fancy extra features. 
i might be the exception...well both will and i might be.
so this is our old fj cruiser
it was a wonderful vehicle that i loved completely for about 5 years.
she even had a name.
i get all sentimental and attached to everything....including vehicles.
we traded her in today for a newer version.
it's something we've been planning to do for a while now for several reasons.
sassy had a manual transmission which was something i sometimes loved and other times hated.
will loved that about the car all the time.
as my belly has been growing and i've had to move my seat back i could barely reach the clutch to shift.
so this new one makes driving way easier,
not to mention the other new features that are really neat plus we got a fantastic deal.
but still i have such a hard time with change in general and maybe the pregnancy hormones are making it worse because i couldn't help but feel sad as we drove home with a new vehicle.
will understood because he was a little sad too....probably not as much as me. 
we are so silly but i'm sure we aren't the only ones out there that get attached to vehicles and such.
i guess in a way i felt like i hurt sassy's feeling by leaving her behind on that car lot.  i can probably thank disney/pixar for such irrational thoughts.
now time to name this one and learn to love it as much as sassy.


pellegrino saves the day once again

this is the story of
and the bathroom drawer.
one night a couple weeks ago we were putting the kitties out in the living room like we always do when we go to bed.  we couldn't find houndstooth but since she sometimes likes to sleep under the couch we assumed that's where she was.  we got tucked into bed and not too long after pellegrino begins crying at our door as if something is really wrong, so we realize houndstooth must be somewhere in our room and pellegrino misses her.
he has warned us before when his sister wasn't where she was supposed to be at bedtime.  we searched all over our room, closet, and bathroom.  then i had remembered that about 30 minutes prior to us going to bed the bottom drawer in the bathroom had been left open by will and i closed it without thinking twice.  
i told will to check the drawer just in case but i doubted she would be in there. 
he opens the drawer and...... 
there she is curled up in a little ball sleeping on a pile of washcloths.
i thought it was so cute and kept laughing about it for the rest of the night.  
cute that pellegrino saved his sister once again......who knows how long she would have stayed in there if he wasn't so vocal at our bedroom door.
and cute that she was just relaxing in the drawer as if it was totally normal.  


decorating e's room

over the weekend we finally had some time to get a little work done on e's room. 
upon first moving into the house we knew right away the pink trim in one of the bedrooms had to go whether a baby girl was part of our future or not. 
we just aren't pink people so gray was the new color of choice.

goodbye pink.
hello gray.
the kewpie doll print is something vintage we picked up in jerome many months ago, before we knew our baby girl was part of the plan.  i've always had a thing for kewpie dolls and i have a small collection that i'm excited to share with our little doll.

early on in the pregnancy i found these super cute prints on zulily and knew they'd be perfect for her room. 
i still have another one to frame and add to the wall once we get the frame painted, but so far i'm loving the 5 that are hanging up.

the other art in her room are paintings i've done.
the only one that was specifically for her was the owl family which was used to announce our big news a few months back.  the rest of them were ones i never wanted to part with and now i'm glad i didn't because they seem perfect in her room. 
we still have quite a bit to work on before her room is really ready, but i adore the mix of things that have come together so far.