pellegrino saves the day once again

this is the story of
and the bathroom drawer.
one night a couple weeks ago we were putting the kitties out in the living room like we always do when we go to bed.  we couldn't find houndstooth but since she sometimes likes to sleep under the couch we assumed that's where she was.  we got tucked into bed and not too long after pellegrino begins crying at our door as if something is really wrong, so we realize houndstooth must be somewhere in our room and pellegrino misses her.
he has warned us before when his sister wasn't where she was supposed to be at bedtime.  we searched all over our room, closet, and bathroom.  then i had remembered that about 30 minutes prior to us going to bed the bottom drawer in the bathroom had been left open by will and i closed it without thinking twice.  
i told will to check the drawer just in case but i doubted she would be in there. 
he opens the drawer and...... 
there she is curled up in a little ball sleeping on a pile of washcloths.
i thought it was so cute and kept laughing about it for the rest of the night.  
cute that pellegrino saved his sister once again......who knows how long she would have stayed in there if he wasn't so vocal at our bedroom door.
and cute that she was just relaxing in the drawer as if it was totally normal.  

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